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Phrynosoma cornutum

A rather uncommon sight considering it’s one of the endangered species of horned lizards (and not to be confused with the Spiny lizard). The horned lizard is probably one of the coolest lizards around. I found this guy out in the shrubs (semi-arid lands) while I was out hunting. It’s color and body as shown in the photo blended so well into the environment, I was barely able to see it at first. I have seen one in my own property many years ago but they are a rare sight.

Just like the spiny lizard, they are insectivores but their diet is very specific (Harvester Ants). Top that off with their heat requirements and you have a reptile that isn’t going to be something you can successfully keep in captivity. Man, if only I could thrive under high temperatures. Around the fall and winter season, they do tend to hibernate so I probably won’t expect to see them again until spring or summer. With that said, it does tend to be really hot or mildly warm locally all year round so…

Supposedly, they can also squirt blood from their eyes as a form of defense. I haven’t seen this personally as I never get too close to one but they aren’t exactly the most “bulletproof” lizard out there. I think there is a particular species of bird as well as kinds of predators that will actively hunt these horned lizards. Suffice to say, their hardcore appearance doesn’t exactly give them a hardcore advantage in the wild. I would love to see these guys more often in the wild though they aren’t exactly all that common as mentioned before. My biggest regret is not using a phone with a better camera. Fuck you LG.

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