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Walther PPS M2 Law Enforcement Model


Price: $380-500 (The Law Enforcment Model is more expensive)

One of the nicest pistols I currently own, the Walther PPS M2 is basically a modernization of the PPK concept by incorporating elements from Glock style pistols and making it into a sub-compact form. The original PPS was released back in the 2000s and was one of the first polymer single stack pistols that you could conceal carry. It had a bunch of features such as interchangeable back plates, a rail under the barrel, and a Glock style take down. The model I am reviewing is the M2 which came out a couple of years ago and made some simplifications and improvement to the egros (though sacrificing the rail and back plates) which resulted in a single stack 9mm that is about 1 inch in width. Very impressive for a conceal carry pistol.

If you buy one, the pistol will come bundled with 2 magazines (3 if you get the Law Enforcement model like I did. I’m not a fed. I swear.). One will be a flush fit 6 round mag, and another will be a 7 round mag with a finger extension grip (and an third 8 round magazine if you get the L.E. version). I fucking love the grip of this pistol. Unlike the blockly frames of many 9mm pistols these days, the grips on the PPS M2 are curved and grooved so you can wrap your fingers around and shoot comfortably. Recoil for a 9mm pistol isn’t too bad either. Normally I have some issues with shooting compact 9mm pistols like the Glock 19 and various other compact 9mm pistols. The Walther PPS is even less snappy than my Bersa Thunder 380. Conceal carrying is just as easy as with the Bersa assuming you are using the flush fit or 7 round magazine. The 8 round magazine seems to print a little but nothing that a light jacket or a loose t-shirt can hide. Accuracy is alright to be honest, I am not a fan of the three dot irons but maybe that’s just something I need to practice with. I get better groupings with my Bersa Thunder 380 with it’s Glock like rear sight to be honest.

Now I am aware that the big thing for conceal carry these days are subcompact double stack pistols. While it’s true that those sort of pistols do carry more rounds than your typical sub-compact 9mm, they are from what I heard, harder to shoot. With that said, the demand for single stack 9mm pistols seem to be on the decline (depending on your area) and assuming nothing drastic changes in regards to conceal carry culture and laws, I could see these pistols dropping in price once double stack sub-compacts become the norm. I honestly don’t mind using a single stack 9mm pistol for daily carry. Especially these days with some new guns like the Taurus GX4 having some quality control issues with their triggers.

Just keep in mind, there was a recall with some specific serial numbers with the Walther PPS M2. Check the serial number and ensure that it’s good to go. It was quite the blunder consider this is Walther we are talking about. At least they fixed it with newer productions of the PPS M2.

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