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Minions Are Predictive Programming To Get Normalfags Comfortable With The Surveillance State

Yes! Those fucking things. Those yellow bastards that you see plaguing places where soccer moms and other various websites where boomers post low quality memes that look like they were reposed via smart phone camera with more crusty pixels than a Playstation 1 texture. You bet your ass I'm serious with this conspiracy theory. Not sure if anyone has ever thought of this before but hear me out on this.

Those little yellow shits first appeared around 2010 in Illumination's animated movie Despicable Me. Everyone and their mother knows about this movie. It was Illumination's effort to cash in on that Pixar cash since Pixar was too busy jerking off in the corner and Dreamworks might as well be on life support at that time. Suffice to say, it was a big hit with Murican and international audiences alike in part due to its appeal to ADHD kids, moms, aunts, and Facebook users. But there's a darker secret to the movie especially when you look at the little yellow freaks known as minions.

They are yellow (no duh) in coloration and have no if barely any hair on them. Their behavior is without a doubt very similar to the 2006 Rayman Raving Rabbids that Ubisoft used to put Rayman in the intellectual property grave. They speak in a rather incomprehensible language that makes it easier for international dubs to skip over. Their sizes range from a fat Might Bean to a mildly long dick like shape. The default outfit for most minions are some blue overalls; possibly a reference to being a wagecuck at your typical corporation facility like an Amazon warehouse. What's most intriguing however is their eyes. They are presented to have either one or two eyes, usually behind some sort of goggles. Why is this significant? Hear me out.

The one eyed minions are the ones that strike out the most to me. One eye is very significant in most secret societies like the Freemasons and Illuminati. Eye of Providence is the symbol that is often reoccurring in the media as it's often done in such a way that it's not completely exposed but still visible enough to ensure that the predictive programming is implemented on the viewer. In the case of the subservience world, the one eye (though sometimes two eyes/cameras are also common) is something that is always watching the populace to ensure they keep themselves in line with what the "society" demands of them to behave. It refers to something that is greater than your average pleb, pulling the strings behind every major event in our lifetime. Not a God nor a Demon but something more human and possibly malicious. Strangely enough, a year later after this movie was released, Amazon (A giant mega corporation with links to big government agencies like the NSA and CIA) began work on something titled Project D. This will eventually come into fruition as the Amazon Echo line of products, which is Amazon's way of ensuring that people will be dumb enough to buy surveillance equipment and place them in their own homes. They even released some models that not only listen to everything you say but also watch everything you do with additions like a camera. Soon other copy cat devices followed suit and some target the home security market such as Ring which is a product that you put on your front door that spies on you everytime you enter or leave your house. This data is then recorded and sent to advertising companies or even big governments hellbent on learning every bit of detail about you and finding ways to control you. There's even a market to decorate these NWO devices such as this right here: A Minions Security Camera! Coincidence? I think not!

There's also the obvious fact that minions don't really have any free will of their own. They only exist as a means to serve their masters as proven by the various films that came after the first Despicable Me film. They are often presented as dumb, goofy, and something to be treated in many ways like cattle. This is a low-key visual message to the viewers that the elites (from politicians, to billionaires, Hollywood executives, and multi-nationalist organizations) see their subjects as little more than goof subjects to genetically modify, spy on, and torture for their own sick pleasure. Worst of all, they expect you to accept this and like it.

So in conclusion, in my opinion, minions are a deep state effort to brainwash the masses into not only accepting the "Big Brother" surveillance state but also making the viewer relate to the idea of being a worker drone for their masters. Should I "Take my meds!" as some users on 4chan might state? I don't have mental illness as far I know. But being somewhat immune to propaganda does bring to light many things most people won't see unless they have a reason to mistrust those who are more well off. Perhaps these films and characters are just an concept for a dumb kids film and theirs nothing else to those things I talked about but I am under the belief that everything has a reason to come unto fruition.

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