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Modern Science is Corrupt

Note: This particular blog needs more work. That's what I get for being tired and trying to spill ideas in a rush. Take everyting with a grain of salt....nah fuck it, I'm keeping it the way it is.

A lot of people don't realize this but the pursuit of science is not something that is initially profitable. Most scientists rely on donations or funding in order to actually do any sort of testing. You'd think control groups and controlled experiments are free of charge? Once the data of these experiments are collected and analyzed, they are then published either online or at some big name publication. Of course, it also cost money to get your research published on a mainstream publication like a news or a scientific network. In an ideal world, the use of the internet would mean that the use of scientific experimentation and data can be freely shared and debated without the worry of censorship or manipulation of big interest groups. Unfortunately that's just not how things really are. I am under the belief that there is some shady stuff going on in the background when it comes to scientific research in the 21st century. It's tied to all sorts of corruption in the aspects of politics, corporatism, and social zeitgeist to some extent.

Think about those commercials you see on TV (assuming anyone even watches TV anymore), or better yet, you encounter one of those sites or videos comparing something like the effectiveness of certain brands compared to other brands. You know, things like battery life, napkin absorption, or perhaps even the performance of computer hardware. You see this kind of stuff everywhere from diet, technology, guns. cars, and I do mean everything. What you need to realize is that sometimes these comparisons are not always what they seem. It's not unheard of in for instance the gun community side of things to have some company pay some big name Youtuber to test out a gun specifically designed for said Youtuber to test out and prove on camera it's reliable only for the customer to fall for the advertising and end up with a gun that can barely feed from a magazine or tube. Or perhaps it's an article claiming that a certain brand of dish wash is somehow more effective than other leading brands according to "research and data". There's a commercial aspect when it comes to some data on consumer goods data. What's to say something similar isn't going on the grand scheme of things?

I am in the belief that perhaps, there is some government funding in regards to how scientific data is published. This data can be used to pushed political agendas or regulations all in the name of financial profits. Even if the data in question isn’t scientifically moral. What I mean by this is that bias is removed from the observation and data used. For the most part, in the US, you are allowed to dispute these claims without recourse (unless it’s on a major online platform of course). In other countries, not so much. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but some politicians and people like to treat recent scientific data as hard fact evidence, without consideration for control variables and possibly errors in testing. This is very dangerous as the wrong kind of scientific claims that are used as the basis for law can cause some serious damage to the public at large. I am sure people are aware organizations such as the big pharma, green energy monopolies, the military industry, and social groups spend billions on pushing research and development to suit their agendas.

Why am I talking about this. Because one of the former people I looked up to (The Amazing (Banana) Atheist, decided to be a bootlicker and argue for a centralized form of censorship in which opposing claims in regards to the effects of vaccines would be criminalized. His video even went out of the way to make completely incorrect claims about the origins of the Wuhan virus as well as the effectiveness of masks. I’m not going to argue my position in regards to what I think of all this as there are studies that can attributed to both ends of the spectrum. But I will remind you that ever since I saw the webms of people dropping like flies in the PRC, the so called medical “experts” were claiming the following: “There was no transmission between person to person, the symptoms of this virus were simply flu like”, “Don’t wear masks, they don’t work”, and “Dude, just trust us”. Now they completely did a 180 on all of those claims and continue to flip flop on issues regarding vaccines, masks, and lock downs. Who can you even believe at this point? On one end, you have retards injecting horse medicine into themselves, and on the other end, you have other degenerates pumping experimental vaccines and booster shots like there’s no tomorrow with no regard to potential health risks down the line. There’s no middle ground to this argument so it seems. The government has no right to even pick a side either way. The Amazing Banana is a complete retard for even suggesting the idea of control information. If we lived in an ideal world, we would take the two conflicting arguments and put them to the test. Even then, you have to take into account a test subjects’ personal health history, diet, genetic traits, and all this medical bullshit data that it would be nearly impossible to make any claims for society as a whole over the data recorded for a single individual test variable.

The actual science of the modern era is so conflicting, I don’t think it can even be called real science to begin with. Science is the method to which we test reality by preforming experimentation and recording data. It is not an absolute truth like so many morons like to believe. Once research report is printed or displayed to the public, it’s not something that’s supposed to be permanent in law. A so called study is just a sample of what could be a over generalized truth. Atheist and especially breadtubers need to get that out of their head that science is somehow an alternative to religion. Science is not a religion. These people treat it like it is and in the end, they are going to narrow their understanding of how things might actually work assuming they even allow themselves to accept hypothesis and claims that go against whatever was published first. But hey what do I know? I am just a college drop out. I don't have a Ivy League degree and connections with major politicians and millionaires who would somehow use my credentials as a means to push their own lust for power in exchange for financial gains.

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