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My Thoughts on Extraterrestrial Races

Yes, I am being serious here. I’m going to be talking about actual “documented” species of aliens encountered in reality according to witness' accounts. These fuckers are “supposedly” on our planet and they are either doing fucked up shit or are just here for some moral reason or another. If I really have to be honest here, I have a 5% confidence in Ayys actually being legit. I used to be an more avid believer as a kid more so than I am these days. Perhaps because there are more pressing issues in life than trying to figure out why high tech beings with the ability to travel across the stars would stop by earth to give humans the most painful anal probe of their lives. In any case, I’m going to use my knowledge of what I know about these different species (as well as my own limited experience) in regards to these different kinds of aliens who have made themselves apparent in abduction or third encounter cases.

Lemme start off with one of the most well known of these alien races known as the Grays (Greys, Gays, Zeta Reticulians, etc). Do I even need to say anything about them? You probably already know what they generally look like. Big black eyes, grayish or sometimes tan skin, short (though occasionally there’s a taller than average Gray), no genitals, a body so thin and fragile looking, they make nu-males look like high test uberchads. These guys are the general kind of aliens that are most commonly encountered during abductions and the like. It’s also been reported that they come from the Zeta Reticuli star system. Something about them doesn’t really seem natural or even animalistic. The lack of reproductive organs, or even an external digestive organ kind of makes me believe they must be some sort of artificial bio-drone. They have been said to be completely devoid of any personality which kind of proves my point but that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t capable of communication either. It’s just that they are more likely to telepathically tell you to “Hold the fuck still” while they stick a giant anal probe up your rear-end. Apart from that, there’s really not a whole lot about them that make them particularly interesting. They usually just follow orders from either a taller Gray or another species of alien that I’ll get to in a bit. Suffice to say, I don’t think highly of them. Some people might think they look cute with those big empty eyes but beyond those empty eyes is an artificial beings with no desires or even any sort of self-awareness. It’s what the elites want us all to be in theory. 0/10 would not have a drink with.

Although not encountered often, some abductees do report seeing another species of alien that seems to command most of these Grays around the spaceship. Unlike the Grays, these beings are significantly taller than the drones they command. They have similar eyes to the Grays but their body is rather different. Think of a praying mantis but in humanoid form and you basically got the visual for what I am going to describe next. The Mantids are a rather unknown but significant species of alien that is rarely encountered. I myself have seen one in one of my dreams (you can check out my experience in my 2021 dream log for more details). After doing my research after logging that dream, it turned out that most of my descriptions for this Mantid alien seem to be spot on. Everything from their height, to the way they communicate, to their coloration of skin seem to be more or less what most people describe theses aliens. Of course, the one I saw didn’t really wear any ranking robes like many abductees have noted but rather human clothes (or more specially, my high school band gym clothes). These Mantids do have a personality unlike the Grays and are capable of having discussions with humans beyond explaining shit. It seems to vary according to some sources. Some are more concerned with environmental factors caused by Human civilization, others are more interested in harvesting humans for hybridization programs, and some believe humans are the scum of the universe don’t want to be in the presence of any of us. I haven’t communicated with these beings per-say but it seems like just as with Humans, it’s going to depend on the agenda and personality of the individual Mantid so your mileage may vary. I can’t really have any opinion on them because it seems like their agenda is all over the place. It seems to fluctuate between caring for humanity or raping humans to make more hybrids for their breeding program. Like I said, not much is known about them and even my own experience can’t really help me come to a conclusion. Some people have claimed to contact them via means of DMT trips. I haven't taken any DMT and don't plan to take a drug some dude weed podcaster said was good for you.

Mother fucking Dracos are the most bad ass looking of all the aliens. Basically Lizard people. These guys will fuck you up in a one on one match. No tech necessarily. They’ll rip you apart with their brute strength alone. However, despite being a race that prides itself on strength and aggression, the Dracos have a more sinister and manipulative method for taking over planets and this is where I stop rooting for them as a species. Dracos are famous for their ability to change their shape into other forms of living creatures including humans. They are also extremely adaptable to the point of not knowing just how humans behave but also communicate. In a way, they don’t even need to send an army of Reptilian soldiers to wipe out humanity when they can do it covertly by pretending to be one of us and using their intelligence to convince the human population to “metaphorically” run off a cliff to their death. As impressive as this shape shifting ability is, it’s not perfect, sometimes the disguise tend to fail in unexpected times and the reptilian features began to show through the disguise. There’s this saying that goes around many nut houses on the internet: “Wide smile, it’s a reptile”. I hate to make you go schizo from saying this but it’s pretty apparent that at some point, You and I have probably encountered a Draco and not even realized it yet. They could be anyone, and you wouldn’t even guess it unless you look really really carefully. I’m sure if you look hard enough, you can find accounts about typical Draconian behaviors and mannerisms you can look out for should you encounter one in reality. Just don’t try to get physical with one, you’ll lose. I repent them as much as I envy their espionage abilities. Considering how they might even be evolved in the political puppetry behind the scenes, it’s easy to see why most people don’t like them.

Nordics are basically Scadinavians with We Wuz technology. They also have a similar ideology to Sweds and like to smell their own farts. Overall, not the worst Ayy species as they don't really intefere with humanity as much as the ones I mentioned before but they still act like they are higher level beings despite having severe growth problems that kind of prove my point on lanklets.

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