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Conspiracy Theories

Some predictions for what's the come 2022-2023: Cyberattacks, War, and Complete Control by the Elites

Cyber Polygon will pop which will be mass cyberattacks to affect supply chains, banks and markets to crash the global economy and shut down the Internet and power grids to plunge the world into chaos. When they "fix" everything, they'll say a new Internet will have to be used with Digital I.Ds (You'll have NO privacy! - They won't tell you this) and force digital currency. They'll say it's Russia's fault - It'll be the CIA, not Russia! Don't fall for it! - so The goverment will call for martial law and force the draft for Ukraine. They'll say it's such an extreme emergency to suspend the Constitution and stop elections.

With no Constitution, they'll get full power and turn things over to FEMA and the U.N. During the Blackout, they'll write up lists of diferent people, like the unvaxxed, dissidents, anybody questioning elections, etc... Big Banks want another money war, and Big Brother, Big Oil, Big Tech, and friends all profit off the war machines.

Along with confiscating weapons and any food or goods people saved up, they'll go door to door to force the ultimatum at gunpoint... Sign up for war in Europe, or slave away in a FEMA camp (Or die in your house fighting back). They want us to either go to war and die while they make profits or be disposed of in the modern day gulag camps.

Given the global economic collapse, hyperinflation, food shortages, and other shit coming in, people will be too angry at their failing governments to care about an overseas war. They want to force Americans to fight overseas, but they'll likely end up with a civil war on their hands. The President will say all Americans who won't go to war or submit to the system are "domestic terrorists" then fuck off and hide. The U.N will cry foul at this "insurrection", and other countries will step up to "help" America by sending in Blue Helmets for war. Meanwhile, China will attack Taiwan while civil wars explode everywhere.

The war on Ukraine is not a war being fought between NATO and Russian's ambitions. It's a war on personal freedom from the Globalist against you. The commoner who they want you enslaved and controlled. They control the media, the banks, the infastructure, the military, and your food supply. Should any of this were to come true (Which I seriously hope it won't and I have been wrong in the past) don't say I didn't warn you. I would love to talk about fun conspiracies on this site but it seems these days, all of the conspiracies are turning out to be true and worse than anyone could ever imagine.

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