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Unboxing Videos Are Dumb

I am very late to this bandwagon of hating on unboxing videos but I still have to put my point out there as these kind of videos are still on sites like YouTube. Do you ever feel like you are trying to find some review on a specific kind of hardware, software, video game, or anything you have some sort of interest in learning more about before buying? Chances are you ran into these channels that will have the title of “review” only to be some dork unboxing the product, describing how the box looks (no duh we can see it!), some papers that come with the package, all the cables or accessories the package includes, how the cardboard feels when he slips it on dicks, how it smells, and finally ends the video right there and then. You have learned nothing from that device that you could have just obtained from doing your research on the product’s own website. Instead of figuring out what this person thought about the product, you watch this idiot get out his box cutter, and slowly open up a box in front of you as if to say: “Yeah that’s right! This is MY product! You don’t own it. I get to open it!” In a way, your time has been wasted and your intelligence and your dignity. It’s even worse considering even most full reviews also have an unboxing segment in part thanks to scumtubers that started this trend decades ago.

What is the appeal of unboxing shit? It’s the worst aspect of buying anything these days. You usually have to fight through tabs, security packaging, annoying slots and ties one after the other. When I buy for instance, a pair of headphones for example, I am not driving home thinking: “Oooohhhh man!! I can’t wait to get my box cutter and slowly open up this package like it’s the lost treasure of King Tutatokakekelmaosmhtbhfamalamadingdong and smell my own farts while doing it.” I want to take them out as soon as possible to see if they even work in the first place and then try them out on some devices (aka actually using the product as intended and not worshiping some piece of shit device packaging made in China). I don’t know if I should be angry at the people who create these kinds of “reviews/videos” or the viewers who watch these abhorrent turds. It never really improved ever since these unboxing type of "reviews" came into existence. Unboxing "Experience", experience this middle finger.

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