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My thoughts on Yuri shit

For someone that claims to be strictly conservative in a lot of ways, that's not to say I am not a complete degenerate in my own way. If my ancestors were to see the state of my being right now, they would be seriously disappointed. I am a worthless shut-in with barely any friends who spends most of his free time on his computer, playing electronic toys know as vidya, watching Jap cartoons, and fapping to said cartoons. Not to mention being a waifu fag who has literally zero skills when it comes to real world applications or socialization. Probably the worst trait I have is being a Yuri fag. Why is that? I am completely against homosexuality of any sort but for some reason, I find girl on girl relationships fascinating.

I guess it also has to do with my porn tastes. For starters, if I am going to jack off to something, there better not be any fucking guys in it. The way I see it, you are fapping to a girl that you have cravings for, and if you watch another male having his way with said girl, you are literally enabling the worst kind of fetish: cuckholding. While I don’t agree with those no-fapper types, they do have a point when it comes to this kind of porn. It’s degrading to watch another girl getting fucked by another guy. So I don’t watch that kind of stuff. Girl on girl action is different though. Imagine how great solo girls are, but you get two instead of one. And they can’t really impregnate each other like a girl-male intercourse so there is no virginity breaking in that case. I don’t consider it cuckholding to watch anything of that sort. In fact, it’s entirely possible to imagine such an interaction in some sort of harem. Like you have two girls to serve you sexually and each other. It’s a win-win. I see it as being beyond alpha.

Yuri in a sense is more straight that one might think. It’s a visual stimulation to the male desire to deflower girls and seeing two of them bond and expose themselves in a way that doesn’t really violate the rules of virginity is exhilarating to say the least. While I do like myself a good romance (between male and female characters), there’s something about yuri that make is even more pure and less depressing to watch compared to the former. Whenever I watch a good romance between a male and female lead, it makes me envious in a way. Not so much the case with yuri romances. I know in reality lesbians are usually dykes/violent degenerates who just hate men so much, they’d rather seek other women than even regard men as equals, but in anime and manga, it’s a bit different. It’s like a bond between two girls, tied together by their admiration for each other and having a really strong friendship. It’s appealing to the eyes, to the mind, and to the soul. In other words (and to summarize in general) it’s fucking hot as fuck. To quote Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradhawi from that Memri TV thing, “Lesbianism is not as bad as homosexuality”.

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