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On Chris-Chan: A Fallen Autist

So this is how it ends. An entire decade plus of internet shenanigans to end on such a disgusting and unfortunate end. Chris’s life is piratically a Greek tragedy. Though I wasn’t expecting an Oedipus ending. At the time of this blog, he’s in police custody in female prison (lmao). More on that later.

For those who haven’t been on the internet for long and somehow haven’t heard about Chris-Chan, He’s basically an autist posted too much of his autism online since the mid 2000s (though technically even earlier) and he was trolled beyond repair by trolls online. I’ve been following all this Chris stuff since the ED day (Encyclopedia Dramatic) back when I was in high school. In a way, his story, his antics, and the funny shit he did, was an example of how close my life could have turned for the worst, if I didn’t have a self-awareness. Granted he was “high functioning” autistic and I don’t have any mental issues (that I know of) other than some social anxiety, a lot of his social flops (especially in his past) were relatable in someways. Being unable to find love, being a school reject, and for a time being an unproductive member of society was very relatable. Of course, I (along with others in my position) never went to this level of insanity. Even from the time I started following his antics, I used to honestly feel bad for him, even though I mocked him often. His Sonichu comic to put it bluntly was awful, but it was an entertaining sort of awful that helped spawn an entire community and culture with parodies, memes, and all kinds of crazy and hilarious shit.

Regardless, the whole Chris Chan this one big row of dominoes leading from one fucked up thing to another. There were times were even the trolls tried to help him stray away from his destructive path, but his own stubbornness and entitlement was his own worst enemy till the end. Maybe this was his plan all along. Apparently he might end up going to a women’s prison. He’ll be the only male there. Though to be fair, I don’t see Chris as threatening, maybe disgusting and degenerate, but certainly not a threat to female prisoners. If he was sent to a male prison, his arrest footage would have turned out very different.

All of this could have been prevented, if and only if, his mental state was addressed ahead of time. I’m talking as far back as his school days. His parents were at fault for babying him into adult hood. I don’t know if therapy would even fix his problems. I doubt meds would do anything either. Should of had a better caretaker at least. Someone who wasn’t going to let Chris go loose with trolls on the internet or with his own sexual fantasies.

This isn’t a case of cancel culture like we normally see these days. This was an accumulation of years of mental and social degradation as our society becomes more and more tolerant of questionable behavior and beliefs. In the end, it all built up to this. I guess Chris’ “Love Quest” was finally complete. It turned out his Mom was the answer all along. He just had to wait for his father to pass away. Good grief. Just when you think the world doesn’t get any crazier, you end up with something new and depressing. We are living in the end times. I believe it.

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