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AVGN is Boring

He’s gonna take you back to the past, to bore you with ads and jokes that suck ass. Yeah, I’m talking about James Rolfe of AVGN fame. I used to be a huge fan of his videos back in the day. These days however, I don’t really watch his videos anymore. Ever since the release of the AVGN Movie (Which by the way isn’t even a good film by Youtuber standards), the quality of his videos have been in a sharp decline downwards towards mediocrity. Let me elaborate on that for a minute.

The earliest AVGN videos felt more genuine. You could tell he really hated those games he played. Even though most of the episodes were scripted, his anger was apparent and his remarks were always humorous. That kind of angry raunchy humor was very popular on the internet around that time. Even I made content in a similar vain with some of the voice dubs I used to do on YouTube before they starting purging content with swearing. Even back then, you had to be careful of the kind of content you would upload on YouTube. Most of the AVGN videos weren’t available on YouTube for sometime so most of his new episodes were only available on Cinemassacre. Regardless, his style was popular enough to influence other angry reviewers like Sponnyone, Armake21, and Stanburdman to name a few, along with straight up rip offs like Irate Gamer and Gamedude.

Eventually, he started going off a side branch and started talking about movies which to be honest, I didn’t really have a problem with either. Those videos where he was just by himself talking about some classic film or series was generally a very comfy watch (even compared to tards like Doug Walker whom I couldn’t stand even back then). Boardjames was alright. You Know What’s BULLSHIT was fucking hilarious too. But the thing that really killed the AVGN popularity was none other than the AVGN Movie itself.

Supposedly, it was going to be a love letter kind of film for AVGN fans with all that raunchy humor and swearing that he is well known for. What we got instead was some boring quest film about that ET game that everyone back in the day thought was the worst game ever made because some gaming review site put it up there on their list at the time. That “review” of the game was placed right at the end of that clusterfuck of a movie with an underwhelming conclusion. While he’s right that that ET game isn’t as bad as the internet makes it out to be. It’s still an ending that feels very meh for a very very shitty film.

The episodes that followed after the release of the movie started to feel more flat compared to his earlier works. They began to feel more forced, more scripted, and less impactful as he covered games far beyond his general knowledge. I think it’s safe to assume that video gamers aren’t really James Rolfe’s thing to begin with. Sure some of the earlier avgn episodes covered games that he probably played in his childhood and pissed him off to no end with their shittiness, but once that personal library was covered, he was kind of forced to cover games, accessories and consoles he had no personal experiences with. His style of videos also began to suffer in the same way that Doug Walker’s Nostalgia critic reviews were going through: unfunny skits. These skits were often way too overproduced and brought nothing to the point of the reviews in the first place. While it’s true the early AVGN episodes had some skit gags here and there. They were often raunchy and very brief so they didn’t take away from the “review/rant” for the video game. These new skits are just trying to hard. I don’t know what it is with Youtubers who think they have to match TV production quality with their videos. The whole point (at least in my opinion) of even going on YouTube is to find content that isn’t something you’d see on TV (that is often censored, regulated, and overly professional). As I mentioned in one of my previous rants, the best content on YouTube was the stuff produced by nobodies and weirdos. I don’t give a shit about some big name celeb’s channel, nor do I care for corporate channels either. The AVGN brand was unfortunately falling down this path. Last time I heard, he now puts up sponsored ads on his new AVGN videos, and he completely redid most of the thumbnails of his old videos with that shitty Youtuber clickbait format where the Youtuber have their mouths wide open as if to swallow all that corporate add revenue jizz in their mouth with bright zoomer colors that give me a headache.

I don’t even fucking bother with older YouTube channels anymore. Most of them already had their limelight and either did the right thing (like Armake21) and go into retirement, or alternatively, they embraced the corporate YouTube algorithm and began selling their soul for fucking ads space for Ridgewallets, Raid Shadow Legends, Nord (Honey-pot) VPN, and other gay shit they probably don’t even use or play on a daily basis. So yeah, fuck them. Wanna hear from my sponsor. This rant was sponsored by my dick on your face. Use the code “Sellout” and I’ll blow another load on your face for absolutely free.

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