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James Rolfe Should Retire

Can’t believe I am making another rant about AVGN (aka Jame Rolfe) but here I am yet again. James James James ”I invented Indie Filmmaking” Rofle. Right after I finished that “AVGN is Boring” rant, he uploads a video tour of his filming setup and a response to criticism behind the whole Screenwave and half assed AVGN videos. Basically it can be summarized as “I am so busy. I got kids to look after, so on and so forth, and how he didn’t have plans to retire despite being so busy.”

In all honestly, the signs are already there that he barely had any creative input on the kind of videos he “supposedly” likes to make. I get that the whole Angry Video Game thing is a character. Not a actual representation of James own persona. I get that. I can live with that. Granted his early AVGN videos were actually genuine and it seems like he actually had some complaints about some games he played as a kid. These days it seems he’s just making fun of some shitty games for the sake of bashing some shitty games. I think it’s pretty clear he’s not a dedicated gamer like his friend Mike Matei (who wrote most of the early avgn skits so he deserves some credit too). But I can accept that regardless if I like that fact or not.

What I can’t accept is the fact that he is putting his entire scripting on whomever is doing the screenwriting at Screenwave or whatever his pimps are this time. It doesn’t help that there is some scripting for segments that aren’t even supposed to be scripted in the first place. Case point, the recent revelation that his Monster Madness video turned out to be a near replication of some old review for 28 Days Later (Good film btw). The one segment where he’s supposed to be himself and authentic in covering some horror film classics, is all pointless knowing that he gets his “thoughts” on films from some unpaid intern writing the script. Talk about a creativity drought.

If James isn’t capable of writing his thoughts on the one thing he has a huge passion for, then why is he on YouTube? I get that it’s his job or whatever but he’s just not good at it anymore. It’s a shame to witness all this because I used to be a huge fan of his content. I mentioned this before in my last rant. His new videos are so sanitized and boring, he might as well call it quit now and leave with some grace. I’m sorry to say it but he’s just not good at film making like he think he is. He’s not even good at the technical aspects involved in making stupid YouTube videos. Not to mention, the whole Rex Viper dad rock thing is just cringe if I had to be honest. It’s like he’s coping for being middle age and still making YouTube videos. He wants to make films but if the AVGN or his home movies are anything to go by, he’s anything but qualified for making anything but YouTube videos. Not to say I have anything against low budget home movies. But making crappy college level movies doesn’t make you the next Kubrick or Tarkovsky. I haven’t been subscribed ever since they did that Rental Review segment. I heard he’s doing a podcast with the Screenwave guys. He’s not good with social interactions either. It’s either “uhuh” “yeah yeah” “yeah” just like in that Rental Review thing. The Podcast would probably be more of that.

So yeah, James. Just retire already. Go look after your wife’s kids and do something else with your life. Do whatever “personal” stuff you do outside of YouTube. Doing all this wacky shit on your set and videos isn’t good for your autism.

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