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My Thoughts on some 4chan/4channel Boards

4chan/4channel or just in general any anonymous image board are generally going to be the last place on the internet where you can actively post about specific topics without any sort of repercussions from mob mentality or retardation. That’s of course, not including the fact that jannies can remove your thread or post if it’s “low quality”, off-topic, or one of those various other retard rules that are never enforced 90 percent of the time. As expected for so called moderators that are working for free. Talk about some of the most worthless people on the planet. Anyways, here’s some of the boards I frequent (or used to check out) and some thoughts I have about them.

/mu/ - Music

I used to be a regular on here years ago. Sharethreads were great and a very comfy place to get some music you wanted or for music discovery in general. These days, I hardly even see any sharethreads anymore (Most people just use Soulseek or torrent stuff anyways) which is a real shame. The board in general used to be okay but now it’s just mostly boring with all these Zoom Zoom rappers, K-shitter threads, and just some particularly bad take threads. It’s not as active as it used to be. Occasionally, you might have a good thread from time to time but don’t count on it. This is a borderline dead board.

/g/ - Technology

One of the more important boards in this list (for getting me into GNU/Linux), this whole board should be renamed to consumerism because that’s what it has dissolved into these days. Not to mention, all the shilling threads. Just a very infuriating board to even look at. How are the coomer posters and threads not banned? “Is coffee good for you?” What does have to do with some borderline naked e-girl? I get banned for calling video game threads for children but these guys just seem to post on an hourly basis. Like wtf. Oh and the jannies are some of the biggest fags on anyboard. /g/ mods are the reason why Soy is censored to Onions sitewide.

/an/ – Animals and Nature – Technology

This is a nice board. Sure there can be some shitposting here and there (which is fine if you aren’t an idiot that falls for anything) but for the most part /an/ is a very comfy board if you like nature and wildlife. It can be pretty informative too. I can’t complain other than the fact it’s not going to be the most active board on the web. Slow boards “usually” are the more higher quality ones from my experience.

/o/ - Auto

This board is okay. Teslafags and E-car fags are absolute cancer to say the least. If you like cars, you’ll probably like this board.

/vr/ - Retro Video Games

Used to be one of the better video game boards on 4chan. That was until generation 6 console fags were allowed to post on there. Now it’s just a slightly not as shit version of /v/.

/v/ -Video Games

A potential contender for one of the worst boards on the entire website. /v/ is plagued with coomer threads, specific threads with bad opinions and takes (probably based off some e-celeb’s opinions), e-celeb threads, completely low quality bait threads, and generally threads about how much games really suck these days. The later of which is understandable at least. The whole gaming scene in general is just in a really really bad state so I can sort of understand why nobody really makes high quality threads on /v/ anymore. Also fuck the jannies on /v/.

/tv/ - Television and Film

I don’t even care for movies or television but I must admit, this board has some of the best memes in the entire website. Otherwise, it’s okay.

/c/ - Anime/Cute

It’s like a booru but with threads dedicated to specific girls. It’s okay I guess. Basically a SFW /e/.

/e/ - Ecchi

Similar to /c/ but with more lewd images. In my opinion, you are probably better off using a booru.

/u/ - Yuri

It’s a board entirely focused on yuri anime and hentai. It’s meh. Most /u/fags are going to post on /a/ eitherway.

/a/ - Anime and Manga

It sucks though occasionally you might find a good thread or two. /a/ is better when you are in a thread posting about an in-season anime.

/k/ - Weapons

Almost a cool board. I like weapons and military tech but poster quality will vary. You might have some nice threads here or there. Other threads like the poorfag general and ar general are full of retard larpers or outright degenerates. This board gives /g/ a run for it’s money when it comes to butthurt jannies.

/bant/ - International Banter

This board sucks. Why is it even a thing?

/b/ - Random

If only there weren’t so many porn threads...

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

Full on stage IV cancer. Shills, shitposters, and so many degenerates. Honestly one of the best boards to shitpost in. Also one of the more important boards for getting info on recent news and such. Censorship isn’t really a thing on this board. Just whatever you do, do not post that one alien selfi image. The glowies will make you disappear.

/his/ - History and Philosophy

It’s okay. Well...sometimes. Basically a place where all the people who got educated from Youtube clickbait History channels come to shitpost.

/x/ - Paranormal

Like /mu/ it’s becoming a dead board. You will be better off getting your conspiracy fix on /pol/ than you are on /x/. At least you can talk about aliens.

/sp/ - Sports

Shitposting and some rather high quality memes for a sports board. Can be fun sometimes.

/biz/ - Business & Finance

Crypto and bad investments board. I don't bother with crypto these days (I like physical assests like stocked up food, ammo, and supplies) although this board can be hilarious if something dips. The whole board turns pink and it's truely a sight to behold.

/fit/ - Fitness

Making fun of Boogie2988 as well as other fatasses can entertaining sometimes. Especially when he makes a post on there and then complains how everyone is shit talking him. I think he gets off to it or something. How the fuck is Boogie still alive at this point?

/r9k/ - Robot9001

THE ABSOLUTE WORST BOARD IN THE ENTIRE SITE. HANDS DOWN. It used to sort be a kind of Wizchan for neet incels like myself. I used to be a regular on there. That was until it slowly devolved into one of the most degenerate websites in perhaps the entire world wide web! You’ll still find incels suffering here but you’ll also find normalfags posting bait to try to tick off said incels as well as non-stop spam of gay porn. In fact, the whole board is probably even more gayer than the /lgbt/ board. Avoid this site like the plague unless you like fucked up gay porn.

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