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Political Rants

The BIG Political Rant: And Why I am Tired of Politics in General

It seems like no matter where you go, what you do, who you communicate with, politics always manages to find it's divisive way into it all. You either stand for this issue or you don't and therefore, you're in the wrong. You know how it goes. Incels in particular have an interesting position in the political spectrum since nobody wants anything to do with them (from the far left, far right, and those who stand in the center), so they usually adopt some ideologies various political alignments. Even if you aren't an Incel, you're going to make enemies no matter what depending on whatever political ideologue you stand for. In many cases, the kind of politics you believe in will affect the kind of connections and career path you'll end up in (even though it really shouldn't). It's like this disease that manages to infect every part of society, hobby, and media. Frankly, I am just sick of it all.

I can't personally subscribe to any of the beliefs mandated by those who think they have any control over whatever specific ideology should and must be. Most of these people don't even run for any political office, let alone engage in any civic activities but let's just be honest for a second; It's not like the public as a whole is going to subscribe to "extreme" ideologies to begin with. The ones who do make it in politics aren't going to be populist types, radicals, or pioneers in political theory. Rather, it's the tried and true career politicians who use financial incentives, influence, and greed that have power over this country. Sure they might make some appeals to some "extremist" on the left/right but they'll won't allow any discourse away from the norm. If it's not profitable, it's not worthy of being pushed upon by society. They prioritize their peers and self, over the rest of the country. Representation only comes with monetary contributions. I am speaking in regards to the United States.

You have the Democratic Party (ideologically center left) whom pretends to be the party of the working class poor. They'll outsource job opportunities to undocumented immigrant slave labor, move manufacturing overseas, or making legal exceptions to laws that "tax the rich" when in reality, it taxes everyone but the ultra rich. They pretend to be moralist while having no morals at all (just look at all the shady shit these politicians do in their off time. There's a reason why I call them Demoncrats). They like to push social issues in order to push even more regulation and tax policies. Regulations that just make your life harder and more expensive than it should be by having more bullshit rules to follow that just don't make any logical sense. They pretend to care about minority struggles while letting minority majority communities run loose with crime, poverty, and corruption in their own political establishments. In a sense, the Demoncratic party appeals to the lowest common denominator voters. Those who cannot research (or do not have the means to do their own reality check) and have to rely on the corporate partners of the Democratic political machine to spill out propaganda that appeals to them while stabbing their own voters in the back right after winning their votes. With Demoncrats, it's rules for thee but not for me.

That's not to say I am biased for the Republican party (Center Right) either. They are just as bad if not worse than the Demoncrats. In the mainstream view, they are the party of the business class (something that was mostly true ever since the split of the Democratic Republican party during the 1824 election.) As of 2021, they don't have any idea of what ideology they stand for. Some members claim to be conservative, but what did they conserve over the past couple of terms when they did have majority power in the senate, house, and executive branch? They certainly didn't conserve American freedoms that were once a part of our unalienable rights. Remember the patriot act? That was pushed by both Republicans and Democrats. They certainly didn't bother conserving our right to bear arms and even went as far as to speak out against the right to own specific firearms and accessories (Trump banning bump stocks, Ronald Reagan being against modern rifles, etc ). Just like the democratic party, they love their corporate sponsorships and they especially love that "alliance" that they get from the Zionist in their political radius. Oh no no no, American infrastructure and foreign policy doesn't matter when it should be Israel's concerns that really matter according to a good chunk of the Republican Party. Republicans like to pretend they are the party of the "taking yourself by the bootstraps and making a name for yourself" but they do nothing to encourage entrepreneurship that was badly damaged from the time the Democrats taxed everyone to poverty. Don't even get me started on their cowardliness when it comes to standing up to the empty threats made by their supposed opposition party (The Democrats). The moment you call a Republican anything, they'll cower in fear and say "Oh no....I'm not that! I'm a good guy please! Don't call me mean names! I-I'll accept your absurd policies just please don't call me bad names." In a way, they are worse than the so called political pawns who like to pretend they are being discriminated against when they are actually being used as political leverage by a political party that has no interest in your well being anyways. Republicans like to pretend they are against the insane demands of the Democratic party but end up compromising on a less absurd offshoot (but still damaging) version of whatever bill the Democrat policy maker passed. Republicans are the party of losers and cowards.

So now that leaves the irrelevant political parties that don't even get seats in the house or senate. I might as well get the Green Party out of the way since there's not much to talk about them anyways. They are the party of classic hippies. They just want everyone to be happy and the environment clean. Nothing wrong with that except they have no idea how economies work to even fund those kind of ambitions. The Libertarian Party would initially sound good on paper: Anti-government regulations, more individual liberties, a laissez-faire approach to managing the economy. The problem: they don't even know anything either. Foreign policy is up in the air and they would probably do nothing to stop the growing power of big corporations. Some libertarians like to pretend an Anarcho-Capitalist government would be miles better than what we have right now with oligarchs and corporate dictators but I am willing to go as far as to say their so called Utopia is already a reality. We're just not at the top with our own private security and child slave labor like Tim Cook, or Bill Gates.

To put it bluntly, there is no winning with politics. You please one group and piss off another. That's just how it goes. I don't even understand why politics had to all of a sudden become the norm in everything these days. Politics used to be boring subject that only those with political drive used to bother with. It went from "Here's why we should set the tax limit at 5% instead of 4%, vote for me" to "Here's why I love the People's Republic of China and Israel, Vote for me or you're a bigot." I especially can't stand people who push politics on everything that shouldn't be political. Might as well stop here since I don't even think I can write another sentence on how troublesome and tiresome politics have really become.

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