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My thoughts on Racism: And Why most people are wrong about it these days

Let's get one thing straight. Using slurs or making racial jokes is not doing any sort of harm in anyway. At worst, using them in an insult in some form is as bad it gets when it comes to slurs and stereotype claims. If you try hard enough, anything can be insulting, not just slurs, so there's no reason why anyone should freak out over a couple of words. That's all they really are. There's no reason to censor or outlaw any of it unless you are seeking some sort of political or cultural power over the way people speak. Either that or you are just morally lazy to address the real racial issues of society.

With that said, there is some truth to many forms of stereotyping. They wouldn't be stereotypes for no reason. It's absurd to say nobody has a racial bias. Everyone at some point has some objections to specific races even if they aren't aware of it in part due to personal experience, history, or cultural influence. It's just a fact of life that is part of our tribalistic nature. It's a fact that every race is going to have it's own set of problems. It doesn't matter what those races are or what problems they have, sometimes it's culturally related, other times, it isn't. At the end of the day though, I do believe anyone is capable of overcoming those sterotypes if they at least tried to do a bit of self reflection and think for themselves. Personally I don't really have a problem with any particular race as long as they are capable of being individualist and of good character. That cannot be said for those who think they are fighting racism or injustice.

Those who fall under the camp of anti-racism don't really know their history, let alone, the differences in culture and tradition of specific people, nor do they understand the issues faced by specific groups. As of 2021, the big racial issue these days seems to be that of speaking out against hatred for Asians (as a result of the PRC letting Corona Virus loose onto the world by doing what authoritarian communist countries do best, lying about the situation in the name of personal gains for the party.) but they fail to realize the bigger picture of the aspect behind these "attacks on Asians" (The majority of which are instigated by African Americans, not whites). For starters, not all "Asians" are the same and contrary to what many of the those who fall under the anti-racism crowd believe, are not unified under one racial banner. Speaking as someone with oriental heritage, "Asians" are probably one of the most nationalistic if not just as nationalistic as other races and go as far as to not get along with other "Asians" from other countries that fall under the "Asian" banner. There is no "Asian" people. It's Korean, Japanese, Mongolian, Han, Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Indian, Nepalese, and various other nationalities. Neither of them are the same, culturally, nor even genetically to various degree. Most have a history of conquest, migration, and communication that affected the culture and genetic make up for many of these countries. In many ways, you could say the same for Europeans whom consist of Germanics, Slavs, Meds, Anglo-Saxons, Celts, and so on, and likewise for Native Americans: Pueblo, Apache, Shoshone, Inuit, and so on, and similarly with African blacks: Bantu, Zulu, Hutu, Abyssinians, Pygmies, and so on. The point being, you can't just put all those groups into one single banner when they have their own cultures, conflicts, and alliances nor can you force them into some sort of unity. It's laziness on part of those culture warriors whom want to appear like they are doing something beneficial to society while doing as little research, insight, and effort into solving the issues at hand. You won't achieve anything by doing any of that.

While it is true that there are some forms of racial discrimination in the western world (which you cannot completely remove entirely. Again referring back to that human tribal nature aspect), it is most often found in areas many of these people refuse to discuss. Dating preferences is one example. While not morally wrong it does exist to an extent where some races are preferred more than other types that women see as less desirable. Of course you will never see one of these keyboard warriors call out on this. Nor will you see them call out the issues of the lack of supportive families in most racial groups (like African American communities) where there is no moral figure or father figure. Having a strong intact family with a healthy relationship could solve many of the issues of inner city issues within African decent communities and yet you'll never see that discussed by these so called Anti-racists. Nor will they ever discuss racism amongst other races other than Europeans. This form of tribalism of "Us" vs "Them" is going to prevalent with any group, and that's nothing anyone can really fix. As far as discrimination in achieving your own goals, there really isn't anything in the system that is stopping you from doing what you want to do in regards to your race.

There is however, discrimination in other forms that once again, these so called warriors of justice, never call out upon. There is discrimination against shorter heights, political views, being religious, being socially inexperienced, being sexually inexperienced, being anti-social, lacking work experience, being financially worse off than the middle class, and so much more that has nothing to do with race and it's all completely ignored. Most of this discrimination isn't the fault of people being bigoted but rather, it's the demands of the economy, which is controlled by the media and big corporations. Basically the mega monopolies that control the flow of information and basically alienate those who don't share the "globalist" view that they have which brings them great profits. That in itself, is the real source of discrimination in these times.

So as far as racism goes, I don't have an opinion on it. I see it as just something that is going to exist no matter where you go or where you live. I don't think there's a solution to racism nor do I think it really matters in the end. If you don't want to be "victimized" by racism, just don't set a bad example for your race. Same idea goes for any group in general. I used to have pretty strong racist views (in part due to how I was treated by specific races in the past) but I am now willing to look past that if I can see examples of good character and individualism these days. Sure I might trash talk other races but I'll trash talk about anyone period. That's just the way communication is if you think about it. No different from console and pc fanboys arguing over there preferences of console or gaymen pc. Nobody is ever going to 100% agree with you no matter how much you try to cater to them. Culture is always going to be distinct to different groups and to try to put them all into one universal group is just selfish and idiotic. Let people do or think whatever they want I would say.

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