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Rant on School Loans

Now here’s a subject that I often conflict with other conservatives. The issue of School Loans and Student Debt. Why am I against them? Why do I believe they should all be either eligible for bankruptcy and refund? Well, let’s start off with my experience.

While I finishing high school, I made good greats (I wasn’t the smartest in my school but I was far from failing anything, except for Chemistry which I hated). Despite my parents telling me otherwise, I was in a fair bit of clubs such as the school writing club, french culture society, robotics, and of course band. That’s four activities that I was active in. Some of which I had some great success in (winning 2nd in a robotics competition at the state level. Perhaps I’d tell that story someday since it’s interesting) and others I was mostly there for enjoyment (I’d like to say that for band but my bandmates were all awful and marching band was hell on earth). Suffice to say, I had a rich portfolio coming out of high school (if that’s what you can call it) and I had only received pocket change in terms of scholarships and financial aid. As you can imagine, I applied to numerous scholarship opportunities when I was told to. I’ve gone to the college admissions office numerous times for assistance. I took and retook my ACT and SAT (two exams which are used to determine academic ability for college entrances) so that I could get the best possible score possible for the schools I wanted to attend. I studied, and worked my ass off just to get some sort of financial aid for Uni and all that was just for a few thousands dollars most of which would not cover all expenses that were needed to attend one semester of University. So I had no choice but to opt in on government aid (both grants and loans) to cover the costs of my University.

I think right after I got out of college (dropped out lul) I owed like 30K in loans just from the Jewish government. Keep in mind, I didn’t go to any private university, nor did I go to some big name college. I went to a moderate state level university with a decent size student population. Not really a college town thing either. Now what kind of people got full rides to college? Top 5% students who are legitmately gifted and probably went to a big name university. Fair enough. But the others. Hmm, there was this one guy who got into one of the Ivy League (or Stanford I don’t fucking remember) back in 2015 for writing BLM over and over in his “why I want to enroll your school” essay shit that all these fucking unis making you do when you apply. Full ride too. Fucking unbelievable right? Or what about all those students with “connections” and shit like that one guy who was related to the Kennedy (Yes, the Kennedy family as in JFK) family in my class who got a full ride to Yale despite not being the best academically nor the most impoverished financially. And possibly the worst, the athletic students who were in sports like Football or Basketball who got FULL RIDES, ALL FEES COMPED AND COVERED, to attend any university of their choice. Letting in filthy brutes to take easy majors while they play ball for their college team (a big revenue income for many universities because universities are supposed to be facilities for learning right?).

And what about the learning experience itself? Oh boy, do I not remember a single fucking thing out of all the courses I taken at Uni. Let’s start with the fact that when you go for a major, you aren’t just supposed to take courses relative to your major. That would mean the schools won’t be able to force you to take so many unnecessary classes in “liberal” “arts”. What kind of arts? White man bad? Illegal Immigrants good? Men bad? Women good? Why the fuck do they have to push their political ideology in an institution dedicated for learning skills that would be important for our future professional jobs. There is no room for right wing views either. Sometimes, being too right of center left is enough to get your expelled from these “STATE” universities. Honestly, my whole time wasted in college was the biggest waste of time I had ever done, more so than video games (which I have a negative view on as a former addict but even vidya gave me some form of pay off in the end).

I don’t have a lot of regrets but going to college had to one of the worst mistakes of my entire life. I could had borrowed a bunch of money (the same amount I spent on going to school) to buy some private land and make a ranch, or go on an epic trip around the world to all the countries I wanted to visit, or even dump it all on crypto back in the early years and come out richer than Bill fucking Gates. I could had spent it all on booze and get wasted every hour and it still would had been a million times worth more than the time I spent in Uni trying to get a education. Education which is now available free online thanks to numerous websites, and even the fucking universities themselves!!! But why did I go to college?

Why did most people even go to college? Simple. The elders told us to. Ever since we got bumped into high school (and for some middle school), the authority figures like teachers, parents, grandparents, older relatives, school counselors, and guest classroom speakers all told us the same spiel. We should go to college to make ourselves smarter and more valuable, look at these charts showing how much richer and more wisdom the “educated” college student is compared to these untermensch blue collar workers and their reasonably paying jobs out of high school. This is the new norm! If you don’t go to college, you’ll be a bum. And so on and so on. Keep in mind, they are telling this while we are still in high school. Some of us are still under 18 years old. Not even mentally mature! And somehow we are responsible for being forced into college by our parents and boomer overlords who promised us riches and instead we get told we have to pay all these expenses (which are significantly higher than those prices boomers paid back in their era), eat up all this liberal propaganda, and become educated members of society by getting these grants and loans. It’s very clear that not all students are treated equal at universities. Some students are preferred more by the school system over others. You don’t go to school to get educated anymore. You go to obtain connections with those who run this corrupt system of debt slavery and demoralization of the populace. We got tricked into applying for loans we may not even be able to pay back (and frankly you shouldn’t pay them back). Thanks to Joe (Stalin) Biden, all school loans are illegible for filing for bankruptcy. Which means you have to pay it back either way. You don’t have to be a leftist to see how immoral and Jewish this loan system is.

Some boomer cuckservative might say “oh but you signed that loan yourself, you gotta man up and pay up, muh bootstraps, muh Israel, muh economy”. Oh yes! The Economy! WHAT ECONOMY?!! Our economy has been in the shits since Obungger took office. You’re telling me that the economy will collapse if we forgive all student loans? Boy oh boy, could you imagine the boomer in your position. You are out of college, in debt, and in market place that is heavily rigged against you. If you are in the CS field. Your job is being outsourced. Engineering? Outsourced. Medical field? Outsourced. These corporations which rule over our country do not care for the well being of our citizens. They only care for profits and for pushing their global agenda. Where the few wealthy elites rule the world with an iron fist while all the plebs are forced to fight over scraps (jobs, food, housing, and relationships) just because they aren’t a Rothschild, Gate, or Zuckerburg. They can get away with this, because they financially stumped the youth into debt slavery. The Boomers, being the dumb ass asbestos ridden traitors that they are, openly back stab their own children and offspring just for a trip to the countryside or beach in their fully paid RV that they take on their retirement.

Hence, why I believe these school loans are highly immoral and for once, I can agree on the left when it comes to the student debt issue. Our school system should had never been this way. You are either going to be capitalist about it and only allow payments upfront (no loans, no scholarships, no grants, and thus preventing the high costs of tuition) or your going for the equality for all approach by allowing college education to be totally free for all (Not some, for ALL, REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL ALIGNMENT). You can’t have the hybrid system that we have now where some can go for totally free while others are screwed. It’s stupid, it’s Jewish, and it’s immoral. I’d welcome anyone try to convince me otherwise. Phew, that was a rather large blog but it’s a big issue for me.

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