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Political Rants

US Politics in 2021 and Onwards

This country is a massive disgrace. Whoever is supposed to be running this country at this point is doing such a poor job, I can’t even fathom how anyone thought putting someone like Biden or Harris in office was a good idea. I can understand that most people probably voted them in to spite Trump or whatever. I get it. Orange man bad. He wouldn’t shut the fuck sometimes. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t know what he was doing. I have my criticism for Trump but not for the same reasons that so many of his opponents claim. None of those criticism even match the contempt and outright anger I have for the Democratic (or Demoncratic as I like to call them) party. I told people time over time again, a Biden/Harris presidency would be a disaster.

If the Democratic party had any forethought and philosophy other than, “We want our establishment back from Orange man to please our boomer millionaire friends”, you had so many other candidates who wouldn’t be as incompetent. Yet this fucking sorry excuse of a political party decided to push them all aside in favor of some career politicians whom are close to the corporate hippies and yuppies that still have this wild assumption that their goal of globalization is somehow still going to work despite year after year of failures. It all builds up into the massive failure you see in Afghanistan where our government is outright surrendering to the Taliban’s demands.

I would at least say I was glad we finally pulled out, but we technically still haven’t done that with all those Americans and so called allies stuck as literal hostages. Not to mention, it’s not just the Taliban but also the Islamic State that is harassing all those who were left behind. How can anyone defend this shit. It’s still sickening to see shills defending every Biden fuck up. Maybe these people are accelerationist. Doubt it. The only reason they probably still stick up for this sorry excuse of an administration is because they voted primarily on single issues. Like more gun control, or trans right, or some shit like that when real life shit like the economy and our international standing is tanking far bellow fucking sea level. Oh, I am sure all those social policies really did help as American citizens get harassed and blown the fuck while trying to escape one of the worst wars in our entire history. Worst in the sense we should have never been there in the first place. From the time I saw the Towers collapse on live TV to seeing all the leaked footage from Kabul from our “evacuation”. They could have been honest with the American people from the get go but it’s very clear that Democrats and the Neocon Republicans who started all this do not give a single fuck about us.

How the fucking hell am I supposed to take this government seriously when it comes to vaccine mandates and health advisory when they can’t even do a basic military evacuation? Trust the experts? The experts are all having parties with the elites and bragging about their billions in dollars. I think at this point, the way I see politics now no longer in the sense like: “hmmm what are some policies and social issues that I am personally against or for” to “How can keep the federal government from fucking with my life and well being.” The US as a beacon of freedom and liberty is dead.” Chinese style authoritarianism is the way of the future for the world, regardless if you like it or not. It’s quite clear the US stands no chance now against them on the battlefield nor on the psychological battlefield. They can’t even secure a cyberdefense against small time hackers. But fuck me I guess. What do I even know about political theater? I’m just some lonely incel that didn’t even finish college. I’m a peasant in the eyes of these multi billionaire corporatist. Either way, empires (regardless of their ideology) won’t last forever. Everything has an expiration date.

We aren’t even done with year 1 of this bullshit. The hope is that the voters will actually punish these clowns in the elections by directly voting their opponents into the House and Senate by mid terms, but that’s just wishful thinking. Your best bet (if you are an American) is to stop listening to these morons and cut off as much reliance on them as much as you can. Become self sufficient and fend for yourself because if the time comes where the chaos of Afghanistan were to ever occur on US soil, the government (at least with this current administration) will not save you. Yeah I know it really sucks. I had to buy food and supplies but I just don’t see good things in the near future. I want to make it through these times alive. I’ve been through so much failures and heartaches, I am not going to let political collapse get in the way of preventing me from doing the things I want or to dream of the event I may one day (though unlikely) find the love of my life.

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