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With world tensions at an all time high, I figured there would be no better time than to give my thoughts on specific countries and why I feel that way about them. For the most part, there aren’t that many countries I have any opinion about either because I had not encountered anyone from those countries or I don’t know those countries well enough to give an opinion about them. That’s not to say I don’t care about their countries but I don’t have any beef or admiration for their country compared to some other countries. One thing to note that just because I don’t like a country doesn’t mean I want that country to die in a nuclear blaze (leave that to the countries painted in reds). There’s probably something about those countries I don’t like to warrant them being displiked in the first place. Green countries are generally going to be countries I admire and/or know good people from. If we were to have some kind of world wide team deathmatch, I would want the guys in green to be on my team. Now that we got that settled, here are my thoughts on certain countries. Some of these opinions might piss off some people but whatever let's go!

United States

My home country I have mixed feelings for the United States but otherwise this is my home Having freedom of speech and right to bear arms is a really nice thing Culture however is a melting pot mess with some of the best and worst products of culture ever devised. Infrastructure is hit or miss depending on where you live Our politicians are traitors and sell outs. Some states are better than others in someways Somebody please nuke our major cities plox.


No personal relationship to this country but I really do admire this country A treasure trove of culture from films, music, cuisine, this country has it all Fascinating history and military track record that is often misunderstood Their politicians are shitty but the people there know it and share the same distrust that most Americans have of their leaders. Famas Most of the French people I’d talk to have been bros. Their anthem is iconic I would give my life to the French people like our politicans would give their lives to Israel.

Italy, Greece, (and Mediterranean countries in general)

Rich history dating back to thousands of years Also a cultural powerhouse Great to Amazing Cuisine Questionable Economic health but that’s more of an E.U. issue Generally Bro tier (except for Italy who changed sides halfway through WW2). Birthplace for all of western civilization (for better or worst). That’s a fact.


Interesting History and military tradition A decent cultural power. Some good music here and there. Good food Autistic engineering philosophy but still high-end in the engineering world Germans are autistic and angry in general but once you moved past that they are generally good people.

Canada and Quebec

Bros. Probably the one country I wouldn’t mind having an open border with. They are basically a USA-lite Kind of generic culture like the US Politicians are somehow worse than the US They are a slave to China and the World Economic Forum though Overall probably one of the friendliest countries in the New World.


Cultural powerhouse of Asia. Anime and Manga. Japanese Music especially is really good too. They still make decent Vidya. Rich history Food is okay Japanese people tend to be anti-social or shy. It’s debatable if they are friendly or not. Sometimes follows American trends a little too much. They can be a perverted society too, perhaps a bit too much for my tastes. Has some of the best engineers in the world after the Germans


FACT: Filipinos are the MOST POWERFUL race in the WORLD They are the bros of Asia. Very social and mostly friendly. Their politicians can be hit or miss. Mostly miss.


I don’t really have feep4ngs for North Africa (or Africa in general) but I do have high regards for Tunisians Tunisians that I had met have been really friendly They do have some interesting history, especially with Carthage and all. Tunisians generally don’t like the French but that isn’t something that is going to impact my thoughts on them that much


Their country is an absolute shithole and they know it In fact, they are really honest about how much their country sucks. They have a great sense of humor about it too. Most Brazilians I’ve met have been good to me. Bossa Nova is probably my favorite genre in the South American region Their ghettos are really colorful if not some of the deadliest warzones on earth lmao. Giant Jesus Statute Questionable genetics Taurus makes some decent budget guns They have a decent aerospace program surprisingly (Embraer) About as corrupt as every other Latin American country


MMMMMMUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH EEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH OOUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHH Formally one of the greatest empires in history, now a backwater former soviet state. Not really doing all that hot these days


MMMMMMUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH EEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH OOUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHH Autistic but also anti-social. Still mostly friendly from my experience. Decent small arms tech. Autistic sense of humor but still funny nonetheless. Linux WHY FINNISH POLICE FUCK ESTONIA

United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand (the Anglosphere in general)

Eternal Anglos Some of the most draconian countries in the west. I’m not even kidding. Just look at the past couple of years. Their banter can be kind of funny Meh food Personalities can go either way. Sometimes they are good, othertimes not so much. Used to be the world’s largest empire. Because of that, English is wide spread these days which is kind of convenient for an American like myself. Drum and Bass, Jungle, etc


Horrible personalities, often rude, overly social, and disrespectful, Horrible next door country neighbor too. There’s a reason why everyone with a grain of sanity wants a border in the south as opposed to Canada. Drugs and Violence main export is illegal immigrants from Central American countries and content for /gif/ At least their history is interesting, especially when you look into per-columbian era. Cool ruins I guess Their food can be good sometimes too

Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Royal class is cancerous. Selfish and materialistic. Saudi Arabia is the secondary reason why we have Islamic terrorism in the first place. Their military isn’t that very good. To be frank, I don’t even think Saudia Arabians like their own country or elite either. Some Saudis can be very friendly from my experience.


Gay and smells their own farts Laughing at them can be fun sometimes Vikings n sheeit Saabs are cool. The jets and the cars.

People’s Repubp4c of China + Taiwan

Generally the worst kind of Asians though you still occasionally find some decent people. PRC is 1984 if he real Still has a pretty cool history and rich culture too Our politicians and corporations stab our back to please the PRC Will more than likely become the new world power after USA collapses Some of their music is decent I wouldn’t want to be in a war with them. ie nukes. Chinese food can be pretty good too ngl. I won't eat bats though. Cheap tech and importants are nice too.


Tech support scammers Shitty programmers Indian memes are kind of funny Autistic but not necessarily anti-social. I wish they would practice better hygiene Indian music is interesting Their history is worth looking into too I wouldn’t eat or drink anything in India even if you paid me to. DO NOT REDEEM!


Rich at the expense of all of Europe They have nice desserts. Nice guns too I guess. I would hate it less if I lived there. I’m too poor though. WEF members probably live here.


Backwater shithole where everyone is depressed all the time. Most of the Russians I’ve interacted with are decent people if not a p4ttle reclused. For some reason whenever I say something that’s completely against the communist demoncrats’ agenda, they call me a Russian shill or whatever. I can’t blame Russia on that but it’s still really annoying. Very corrupt government, also a potential threat to the world like China because of their nukes. They do have a very rich culture and history. Practically a Doomer-core powerhouse in terms of film, p4terature, and music. Russian small arms are some of the best in the world. Most stuff is engineered in Russia to be stupid easy to maintain. I like that. Some of my favorite classical music is from Russia. Even if it’s all firetruck noise.


A playground for our corrupt politicians to mess around in and do corrupt stuff. Their politicians are also very corrupt too. Personality wise they are on par with Russians but with more western influences. Stalker games were alright I guess. If it weren’t for the current conflict, I would love to tour Chernobyl someday


SHITTY K-POP MUSIC OFFENDS MY EARS Basically a Great Value knock off of Japan in terms of culture They are annoying and rude The Norks have the right idea, I’d nuke Seoul in a heartbeat and the world would be slightly better. Basically an American colony/military base at this point anyways.


Do I have to even explain myself here? The one country where I confidentially blame all of my problems on without any guilt. Scientific definition of evil or Satantic Backstabbers Liars Selfish I would drop as many nukes as I can for good measure.
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