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My Thoughts on Swearing

I swear on a lot on this website. Given the nature of my condition and feelings, it’s a given. Whenever I swear, it’s generally going to be because I’m just frustrated or angry. In the very few cases where something is “bad-ass” or whatever, I may something like “Fucking sick!” or “Damn that’s nice” but that’s pretty rare. Actually, despite what my language on this website might show, I’m actually not too keen on swearing in person. For instance, if you were to meet with me (I seriously don’t recommend that you ever do that because I am incapable of holding/starting a conversation and in all honesty I’m not a good person) you’ll find that I have restraints when it comes to swearing in front of others. Where I do swear, it’s usually as a result of being furious or in significant pain from an injury. I’ve been told by some strangers that I can be somewhat polite (My mom would disagree) though that’s never my intention whenever I’m forced to talk to people. I generally just want to avoid conflicts because I have enough to worry about with my own failures as is.

What baffles me with some people I observe is how they are constantly swearing in a normal person to person conversation like it’s not a big deal. Like they aren’t even angry to warrant using them in the first place. They could be talking about Cape-Shit films or relationships, or something funny (to them) and they’ll drop swears like it’s a “sentence enhancer”. I don’t know how anyone can see that as normal. At least when I swear, even on my blogs and such, it’s usually done to convey my feelings as I type something down. These people just throw it around to try to sound cool or perhaps there are influenced by abysmal brainwashing media (a conspiracy theory I have explain someday). I don’t think swearing is supposed to be cool. It’s supposed to be emotional. When I stubbed my foot, I was screaming “AAAAGGHHH FUUUUUCCKKKK FUUUUUUUCCKK AAAAAAAAGGGHHH MY FUCKING TOOEEEEE AAGGGGGH FUCKING HEEELLL (alongside a bunch of racial slurs for no reason other than for more emotional release)!” but compare to “Bro, there was this guy and no shit he was doing some fucking three pointer shots on the fucking court man like damn man where did he get moves like that. That shit be dope nigga.” the use of swear words isn’t the same. The person who’s saying the later isn’t even suffering physically or emotionally so why couldn’t he just say “Bro, there was this guy at the basketball court and he made some three pointer shots. Pretty impressive right?” There’s honestly no fucking point to using fuck and shit in a casual fucking conversation! Woops! Now I’m starting to do it too. It’s just too contagious.

But in conclusion, I don’t have a problem with swearing at all. I used to swear as a middle schooler all the time in private (mostly because I thought they were funny. Used to watch a lot of dubs and angry review type videos on YT so that left an impression on me). I think swearing is a great stress relief, especially for my own dire situations. But swearing for the sake of pretending to be mature or cool is just irritating in my opinion. Then again, what do I even know? I don’t have IRL friends. Why should anyone listen to what I think about their use of swear words in everyday conversation? Maybe the other brain dead bots find it cool. Maybe it gets the girls attention. I don’t know. I never impressed a girl in my entire life. Alright that’s enough. I’m gonna start going on a tangent if I don’t stop here. See! If I can stop myself from going off topic, then perhaps people in real life can stop swearing without a good reason. God, I fucking hate society. LEL!

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