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If I Had My Own Offspring

Something I was thinking about while reading a rant on the state of western education was the idea (or the fantasy) of having my own family someday. Assuming I would ever find a mate and have children, there’s this moral question I have for myself. What kind of parent would I be? It’s a given that I don’t want my children to fall into the same path that I did when I was younger. I’d do everything I can to prevent them from falling into the same pitfalls that I’ve ended up in. At the same time, I don’t want them under the influence of the very system that corrupted millennials, zoomers, and now potential generation alpha. Not to say I want to have 100% complete control over the lives of my children but I want to raise them in such a way where they are able to do what I am doing right now: have the ability to think for oneself, have the ability to learn new skills, socialize, and learn from your mistakes. These are all skills I wish I had back in my school days that my parents completely neglected while raising me. They put too much faith into a system that only cared about numbers more so than they cared about raising productive and independent thinking members of society. So how I can learn from my parents awful parenting to improve the lives of my own kin?

For starters, I’d keep them away from public schooling. Nothing could be more damaging to a child than an public education system hellbent on making our kids slaves to a system that wants them dumbed down into drones. There’s a really good rant made by digdeeper that does a better job at explaining the faults of the education system better than I previously did in another rant so do check it out HERE if you have a chance. So to be more specific, I’ll be homeschooling my children for the majority of their lives. Now I can already hear the excuses “BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL JOB? YOU WON’T HAVE TIME!” Whose to say I won’t make time for my own children? On another note, if my wife in this theoretical scenario were to act as a stay at home wife, I would put my trust on her to teach the children all of the important skills in life such as basic math, reading, writing, a little bit of history, and some creativity stuff like music, painting, and crafting. These skills will be taught in such a way where the applications of these skills are going to be visibly applicable. Think for instance, setting up live action role-play where the children have to write out there stats, stories, and use math to calculate skill points, fictional currency income, and that sort of deal (kind of like what Varg Vikernes does with his kids). Interactive and mentally stimulating activities where the children can simulate and learn real life skills and have some critical thinking involved. I’m very hesitant about letting them play vidya games though I must admit some games can be very educational and mind stimulating such as RTS, Tycoon Sims, some old school RPGs, Visual Novels (unironically lol some VNs can serve as good interactive reading), and simulation games (Think flight simulator or mil-sims). That whole thing is one big maybe though maybe when they are mature enough. In my case, I can teach them some skills that they would never teach at a school at all such as survival skills, gardening, hunting and shooting of course. While I won’t force them into one particular hobby or skill set, if they do find an interest in something of that sort, I (alongside my wife) will be there to provide all the support for them.

And yes, I did say children because I intend on having more than one child in this “what-if” scenario. The reason being, it would be significantly more beneficial for the children to interact with someone who is a relative and could potentially rely on. They will eventually have to socialize with other kids though there will have to be some oversight to make sure they are interacting with children who have parents that are actually serious about their own offspring’s upbringing. This means they aren’t the kind of parent that would give their kids a tablet or smartphone and let them be. That’s horrible parenting and I see that far too often than should be the norm these days. In fact, my own children would be completely forbidden from using tablets or smartphones. Internet access and a computer might be allowed though I would personally firewall any sites that could lead them astray from being productive or destructive to themselves. I want my children to be creative and able to think for themselves and unfortunately the internet these days is designed in such a way where you’re forced into shut off echo chambers. I would rather my own children create their own websites about their interest than have them use any form of social media period. As far as media is concerned, I don’t want them exposed to morally objective art like Hollywood movies or popular music. I want them to engage in more enlightened and objectively good forms of art. Art created not for the sake of monetary gain or fame but those created with reason and with passion so that they too can be inspired to do great things for themselves.

And once they are completely old enough to be completely independent from my wife and myself, I will let them do as they please from then on out as long as it doesn’t taint the family name or anything of that sort. They can go to uni if they really want to pursuit a serious career like engineering, law, or medical field stuff though I will not finance it nor will I encourage university like most parents do these days. The state of universities are so abysmal, I feel like my own children would be better off being entrepreneurs with their own independent learning. Oh and unlike the shitty boomers that started the whole meme of kicking your children out at 18, I’ll always welcome my own children to stay at the family home so that they don’t have to worry about having to finance a home or shitpartment for themselves. The benefit of that also comes with the fact that they could potentially take care of you when you get to old age (though I don’t think I’ll live beyond the age of 50 thanks to all the poisonous plastics and food given to my generation from the start of birth). At the very least, when I pass away, rather than sell off my property to some greedy corporation that will make the property renting space, I’ll put it in my will to hand it off to my offspring so they too can raise future generations on that property.

So yeah, it’s kind of an old fashion approach to parenting but it’s something that worked for thousands of years up until the age of modernity. My parents were pretty lousy overall by never teaching me anything useful and expecting the school to do all the teaching for them. It’s completely disgusting and I will never forgive them for doing that to me. If I were to ever have a family of my own and they turn out to be better than I could ever have been, it will be my personal “fuck you” to my parents who slacked off at raising me. That sort of lazy parenting did nothing good for me and the sudden expectation of making me do what all of the other lousy parents are making their children do with school and college is a complete fucking disgrace on their own end.

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