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The Incel Perspective Conclusion: Part 1

Oh yeah. It’s rant time. But don’t let the title fool you. I’m not ranting about my site. Why would I? The whole point of this website is to provide that “perspective” to those who are in my situation or something similar or perhaps are just someone who doesn’t fit the bill but still is somehow interested in hearing my experiences and hobbies, or maybe just maybe, you are a journalist trying to find some material to write some rage bait clickbait online so you can keep your job that you “worked” so hard for by spending thousands on a journalism degree somewhere. It really does not matter as far I care. This website is basically one big journal for me to write down my thoughts, vent, and archive various events, interests, and feelings in my life. I’m basically my own NSA except I don’t plan on putting myself on a no fly list. I never even flown in my life. But that’s besides the point. I’m ranting about what I can do to bring myself out of the state of mind of being an incel.

I’m doing this rant because 2022 is about to end real soon and I had no success when it comes to socializing this year, let alone finding girlfriend in real life. Rather than just not do anything about it apart from the self improvement and focusing on hobbies like I have been doing for the past couple of years, I am going to make 2023 the year I focus on my social development The end goal? To try to get a girlfriend by the end of 2023. Ideally, I wanted to make the deadline on Valentine’s day but I feel like I need more time to even attempt such an early deadline. Oh and it doesn’t matter if she’s my girlfriend for even a day or two. She can pretend to like me for something as low as 8 hours and immediate break up with me and that would still count. Dates won’t count because it’s just a date. It doesn’t mean the girl (whoever it might be) is going to like me from the get go. She has to at least say something along the lines of “I like you, let’s be in a relationship.” for it to count. So that’s ultimately my goal. Oh and it has to be in real life. No online girlfriends because they aren’t real. Dating apps and bars are also out of the question because:

Dating apps are retarded Even the best looking superior alpha males have a hard time finding girls on dating apps Most girls on those apps aren’t exactly high quality. Same goes for bars. I don’t drink so I have no reason to go to bar.

I know inceldom is often associated with the frustration of not having sex but that’s not a priority in my case. This means if by some dumb luck, prostitution were to be legal everywhere besides Nevada and if I were in this theoretical situation that will never happen, I were to hire an escort, then that would also not count because escorts aren’t girlfriends. Besides, I don’t want to catch STDs so I want nothing to do with escorts to begin with. But even still in regular relations, just having someone that loves you is good enough for me. The sex is just a bonus and not an end goal for me. Like I could just spontaneous die if I ever got a girlfriend I wouldn’t be to mad with my ending because at the very least, a girl loved me and cared about me in such a way that I don’t feel like a waste of oxygen. So I’m keeping this barrier for my goal as low as I can possibly achieve. Possibly.

Why this all of sudden you may ask? Because I feel like I got most of my life stabilized now. I have steady income (not a lot but it’s stable), I can get jobs if I ever really need to reapply again, I’m not a NEET like I used to be years ago, I am not overweight (I’m not exactly strong either but I don’t think I need to be John Rambo to get a girlfriend. If fat fucks can get girlfriends, why can’t I?), I think my style doesn’t scream neckbeard or fedora tipping atheist like I used to be, my ideology is….so and so but I don’t have to bring it up because in all honestly, that’s not really important to me anymore, and I have hobbies that aren’t just video games and anime. I can play and make music, I have exotic pets, I can 3D print stuff, shoot guns for fun, do some cardio, watch “smert” movies, listen to albums, write blogs, drive and perhaps play a few sports here and there. That’s more than anything my cousin does and he’s a freeloader off his parent’s wealth (yet somehow also got a girlfriend) no offense to him. I fairly certain I’m going to move to my own place real soon because I saved up enough to do so. I basically got most of life’s basics down and even though I’m not exactly living like Musk or Gates, I’m getting by through means of being frugal and smart about my limited expenses. So I think the next step I can take at this point is to try to get some relationships, friends and a lover. Although I may have hard time relating to normalfags, I don’t think I won’t be capable of at least trying to discuss something they might have interested in such as “Nice weather we are having eh?”, “Did you see that latest marvel movie? It was so cool (lie)” , “The Cowboys are a shitty football team, How bout dem boys? ahahahahahaahha. (truth)”, “I like my car, even though it gave me headaches with maintenance problems”, and so forth. It’s not like most people have internal monologues like anyone with a soul has anyways. It’s like they operate with binary anyways so they shouldn’t be too hard to have a discussion that won’t end up with them hating my guts. If only I knew that earlier...technically I did as far back as middle school but I never took advantage of that fact. But that’s besides the point.

Now, let’s be clear, I think it’s highly unlikely I’m going to find the “girl of my dreams” by going up to the first girl I like and telling her “Hey what’s up?”. I made an entire blog about the ideal girlfriend I would like but that’s more of a Christmas wish list more than anything (Or a Chris-Chan-esque boyfriend free girlfriend sign if you really want to go there haha) and despite being very lenient in that “wish list”, I will have to be even more lenient on my quest to get rid of my inceldom which means for the sake of completing this goal, I will lower my standards even lower than they need to be in order to accomplish this goal because I am going to need all of the statistical advantages I can get.

So wait just a minute *adjust ties*, pardon me for my confusion, *tucks hair behind ear*, so you are meaning to have me believe, *buttons up suit*, once more I do have to apologize for doubting that *shoots cuffs* just out of curiosity *fixes glasses upon face* that I, John Smith , will be approaching some random girl and expecting her to fall for me on the first try? No. Not at all. It’s going to take some serious charisma considering the odds are completely against me. Basically, I have some social skills I need to learn and apply not just on girls but on everyone in general that I talk to in public. Because I am friendless, this means I have to work on my socializing skills first. How? Well...that’s still being researched at the moment. I remember a user on this website emailed me and mentioned how I can just approach people and ask them a question or two. I can probably do something like that first though I feel like it can be a little bit of an issue for me. Reason being, I don’t want to come off as someone who feels the need to interject and interrupt some randumb just going about his or her business. That strategy is going to need some situation context to work. Say for example, I’m at the pet store looking for feeders for my snake or tarantula. I pretend to be an absolute idiot and ask one of the employees where the feeders are located. Perhaps that’s one way of getting a conversation going. Though I highly doubt those employees would feel like they want to be talking to a customer while they are doing hours for their job. So it would probably have to be really really brief or I just get lucky and the employee isn’t burden by me pretending to not know anything and asking questions and talking about my pets. Though in all honesty, I don’t really go to the pet store often other than to buy frozen mice every once in a while. My tarantula food source is self sufficient (I swear these are some of the easiest pets to own, I don’t know why people always go for dogs or cats when they are so high maintenance). I’m getting off topic again. The point is, that’s just one example of where I can practice breaking the ice.

I’m glad I got the weekends off because that gives me more freedom to go out and explore parts of my town. And by explore, I mean either getting groceries, gas, or going to stores and other than chain stuff, there really isn’t niche stores or places out there. I don’t think going up to people randomly in stores is a smart idea. I’ve seen this happen in front of me at a thrift store before and the results didn’t look pleasant at all (I made a blog about this as well in my life stories). Although I do think if the stars are aligned just right and maybe with a big list of confessions for the priest, hourly prayers, and a bit of luck, perhaps maybe just maybe, it’s possible to have a conversation with someone at a thrift store since most people going there are either very desperate for cheap clothes or are people like me trying to find niche or cool stuff for a bargain.

One thing I mentioned before is that I don’t like eating out at restaurants. This is because the food is extremely fattening and makes you feel bloated, even though I don’t eat that much. But the main reason I don’t go to these restaurants is because I will always end up eating alone. It’s just not a good public image. Plus it’s not like you can just go sit with some random stranger and expect to start some kind of conversation. You’ll get the cops called on you, regardless if they are a guy or a girl. Hmmm what about the movies….yeah yeah….Oh okay...I got it. Most movies at the theaters take a long ass time to even start showing the actual film. If I could get the timing right to some movie (preferably one that I actually want to watch just in case this plans fails I can at least get my money’s worth), then it might be possible to talk to someone while waiting for the trailers or movies to start. What’s even better is that it’s easy to see who’s already taken as all couples are going to be sitting next to each other obviously. So let’s say there’s a girl that’s close by that isn’t with anyone, that might be a good opportunity to start a conversation such as “Hey, are you looking forward to this film? I’ve been waiting all year to see this. (lie)”, “I really like this actor in this film and am looking forward to their performance in this movie. (debatable) ”, “I bought all this popcorn but my little self can’t handle it at all without feeling like I am going to blow up if I eat anymore. Do you want the rest?” (awkward but I guess it’s an act of honest kindness or whatever). Shoot. Now that I think about it, those are really really stupid ice breakers.

But yeah, I think you get the picture now. My goal is to stop being such a coward when it comes to social situations and be more interactive with people around me. Technically this is a goal I want to start working on from 2023 onwards though I guess I could get started now in December since the weather is nice at the moment. If you want my honest perspective on how I feel about doing this….I’m not very optimistic. It’s hard to be when I’m dealing with a problem that stretches across all kinds of variables. You see, unlike regular people, I can’t just “make friends” like it’s natural. Normal people don’t have to think about “Technique” “Step one,” “Step two”, “Body Language”, “Attention to detail” because it all comes natural to them. I don’t have the luxury of a good social upbringing or social experiences. Thanks mom and dad for being a part of the problem too. So I have to research, ask, watch, observe, and take note of what works and what doesn’t. This is honestly the hardest goal I have to work on in my entire life. I’d say it’s even harder than going to university but if finances were not a problem, I’d would honestly go back to school just to get my bachelors and shut up all my boomer relatives who keep calling me a failure. I took a hard engineering degree and failed. I failed with dignity so cut me some slack. But in all seriousness, it’s going to be brutal to fail this goal if I don’t come out of 2023 with some kind of accomplishment in something. Even if I don’t get a girlfriend by 2023 (I swear, I think I’m starting to sound like Indians when they keep saying “India will be a super power by 20XX.”), I want to at least improve my social life so that I don’t have to feel lonely for the rest of my life. Time is pretty urgent too because I have no idea how long things are going to be stable for the world as a whole. World War 3 could start at any moment and I don’t want to be drafted without having that experience of a normal social life. I don’t actually want to be drafted period. Obviously. Either that or I could croak at any moment because I am already past my prime. I can’t just jerk off and ignore the problem like I did all through my 20s. I have to fix this problem now or as soon as possible because before you know it, the 40 year old virgin (assuming I live that long) won’t be a comedy….it’ll be my life….and by that age, I may as well submit myself into a religious cult or monastery and devote myself to beyond human manners. Virgins get priority in heaven right?

But enough joking around. For this is how I plan on putting an end to my Incel Perspective. By getting myself out there in real life and attempting to socialize...somehow. I’ll make a part two as time goes by so I can confirm and note down my experiences with this goal in particular. Until that day comes when (I mean IF) I succeed in my goal, I can finally conclude this website on a good note and basically have my good ending. God willing.

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