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What would be my Ideal GF?

Where do I even start? Realistically, the pool of which I can obtain potential girls is slim to none. With lockdowns and shit, it's even less so. But let's put aside reality for one moment and assume that by some dumb luck, I could have any girl of my preference. In other words, I can be picky. In this ideal scenario, the government finally decides to solve the incel crises and is now offering free girlfriends or something of that nature. What kind of GF would I want?

Probably for starters, she has to be able to tolerate me first and foremost. I am an extremely flawed person so having someone that can understand my shortcomings and work around them/help me in my lowest point. I guess someone who is as intelligent as I am (yeah right lmao) wouldn’t be a bad thing, if not more smarter than I am. She would also need to enjoy the same activities I have: computers, firearms, anime, music, and maybe playing some basketball. I would be open to new activities sure but those particular hobbies are going to be my top priority and it would be hard to for me to convert to a new hobby. I think even having the same political views is important, along with having the same sense of humor (ie, not getting offended by edgy jokes or whatever). The most important attributes however, are honesty and loyalty. She must tell me exactly how she feels about something, and she must make our relationship a priority over anyone and everything else. Friends don’t matter first, and maybe not family either unless they are elders. It’s either the two of us, or there is no relationship at all. That’s how I pretty much see it. Rather unrealistic to be honest. I know. That’s why it’s an idea, not a reality. The nature of women is beyond harsh and they are always prone to backstabbing and seeking out the superior man. That’s just how they are programmed. Doesn’t matter if it’s the bimbo slut who at least is honest about her whorish ways or if it’s the quiet nerdy girl who likes to get railed on by the entire athletic college sports team (believe me; that’s not something I came up with. That’s from horror stories I heard back in my college days). You just can’t change instincts. It’s no different from guys wanting to fuck something every day. Unless you are a monk of course, in which case you have my sympathy.

You probably noticed I haven’t even discussed appearance yet. That’s because I really don’t have too strict of a standard when it comes to looks. I’d like a girl if she isn’t fat (harder for girls to not be fat in my area than you might believe), and doesn’t look like roadkill (genetically ugly), or a whore (caked in makeup and other whorish clothes ie: most girls my age). I would like a girl who doesn’t really wear makeup. I prefer natural beauty over consumer standards of beauty. It’s one reason I can’t really get off to most porn in the first place. She has to be healthy, at least average in weight like I am. A fat girl is a good indicator that she has no control over her impulses. She doesn’t have to be well dressed all the time, but as long as she looks cute, I am happy. Ideally, I would like her to be close to what my race is (although that might be kind of impossible as I am Eurasian) but I am willing to settle with girls of another race or religion (NO JEWS). Just as long as they are cute or naturally attractive, I wouldn’t mind being with them. It’s not like I plan to have children with them anyways. The last thing I want to do is commit the sin of giving birth to some unlucky soul that has to deal with all the bullshit the government and the globalists are putting us through right now. It’s better to let them have peace in their eternal nothingness. I like girls with hair length somewhere around the neck length or sometimes a tad shorter if they can pull off (no dyke hair please) and long hair is also fine. Again, nothing that screams slut or whore in terms of style. Ponytails are fine. Twin ponytails can be nice too if done right. Bangs are a bonus though not necessary. If she has to wear glasses, I suppose that’s fine too I guess. As far as height, I can’t be too picky as I am already short as it is. I would like a girl my size but I can’t complain if she is shorter or taller than I am. Eye color doesn’t really matter either. I would also like her to be close to or around my age range too.

That’s really all I have to say in terms of what I want from my ideal GF. Unrealistic? Absolutely, but to be honest, I’ll settle for less if it means having someone at least to be by my side. Is that too much to ask for? Honestly, I'd be better off just making girls on Koikatsu and then just using my imagination/trying to dream up scenarios in which I am in a relationship with them. Makes me feel like Pygmalion whenever I do this sort of thing. Sometimes it works and somtimes it doesn't. I am not quite brave enough to do any tulpa stuff at the moment. I am not that insane just yet. Speaking of which, I should probably write a blogpost about Koikatsu as I have alot of praise and criticism about it.

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