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Social Rants

Society is Mentally Deranged

Is it me, or does society seem to be more autistic than usual? That’s kind of how I have been feeling since the turn of the decade around 2010. Initially, I always saw myself as some sort of outcast ever since my days in schools. This is due to part of my inability to social with others or to even relate to them on some grounds. If I had to be blunt, I think I was mostly at fault for not keeping up with normalfag trends at the time and generally having no hobbies other than video games and music. Otherwise, I do believe deep down that I am no different than my peers and want nothing more than to be treated and respected like everyone else.

Well shit, I don’t think I want to be accepted by society these days. Fucking hell, have you seen the crazy shit normal fags deem acceptable these days. It’s not just on the internet either. You have weirdos in public that are expected to be taken seriously and some of these psychopaths are even in political office right now making laws suited for their perverted agendas. It’s not so much that these people are edgy or anything. Far from it. There’s nothing wrong with being edgy. I was always edgy. But these people whom society sees as normal are fucking off the wall with their entitlements and “holier than you attitude. The fact that anyone even takes them serious in the first place is beyond my comprehension.

Take modern social activists for example. These people believe they are on some divine mission to save the world by shilling for redundant activism that has nothing to do with anyone’s lives what so ever. Whether it’s pseudo-environmentalism, trans-rights, gun-control, cyberbullying, or some other race-bait retarded issue, these people see no end to their lust of shoving issues down your throat when nobody needs to bother with any of this shit. If you are worried about the environmental impact of humans, go clean some trash off the roads or plant some fucking trees because I guarantee that does more positive for the environment than trying to tell me to drive some piece of shit electrical vehicle (which by the way runs off batteries that aren’t environmentally friendly to begin with) that costs $15,000 to fix some fucking stupid electronic issue that would be non-existent in a old shitbox that runs on gas, or vegans trying to tell me to stop eating meat and start eating bugs despite the fact that you are still killing a live animal by eating bugs! Since when did bug lives stop mattering? Speaking of mattering, black lives matter shouldn’t even be a thing in a first place. I hate the cops as much as the next person, but being high off drugs and resisting arrest doesn’t qualify as racial discrimination. Rather than critiquing broken homes in black families or the thug culture in the ghetto, these kind of people would rather invade and pollute hobbies that have fuck all to do with race. Hell, if you really wanted, everything can be racist if you try hard enough. Karate: Invented by Asians to keep the white man down. Cars: created by white people to keep POC down. Basketball: Invented by a Canadian but dominated by blacks to keep non-KANGs from being pros at the sport. All that said and it doesn’t have any meaning what so ever. Trannies are the worst modern group to come out of that last decade. Instead of having some sort of personality that is resembled anything close to what a normal person should have, they have the audacity to make their sexuality the number one thing to represent all they stand for. Like who the fuck goes out of their way to make it clear that their fetish is the most important thing to mention to others in conversation. Do these people have anything resembling a hobby?

Of course they don’t. They are too tied up to blood sports and ideologies. Rather than make a case for whatever they are trying to promote, they deem it necessary to force you to accept their viewpoints or be called out as some sort of bigot or immoral. You know what’s funny about all this. The ultra conservatives of the 2000s used to be like this with regards to religion and media. Whenever there was a school shooting, or a mass controversy, it was always video games, edgy TV shows, music or movies. People freaked out over the fucking Wii-Zapper accessory and Manhunt 2 for crying out loud. Now the ball is on the other end of the court and even though the ideologies are polar opposite, they are equally as annoying and hell bent on making everyone’s lives more miserable than it already is. These people aren’t doing anything for society. They aren’t trying to shock anyone. They are just really fucking annoying and need to piss off not just on the internet but in reality too. The fact that almost all of society is like this now is just outright sad. The people who weren’t accepting of my faults back in my school days are now expecting me to accept weirdos who are way more fucked up and deranged than I am. What do you think my answer is going to be?

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