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About my Fetishes

I don’t think in terms of sexual fetishes, my particular tastes aren't really out there compared to some other disgusting things I’ve heard that people get turned on. Just talking about them is bad enough as it is since it makes me very uncomfortable. I don’t know how people can just openly talk about sex to begin with but considering how I am being honest with my blog, I might as well include some notes about things that turn me on.

I think one of the biggest fetishes I have is women in underwear. I don’t know why it’s a turn on for me. It’s just an article of clothing. But something about underwear is exciting to me. It’s like the lewd transitional period between full on nudity and being normally clothes. A woman in her underwear is like being exposed but not fully enough to be outright explicit but just enough for it to be tease. I generally don’t like it when I see women wearing thongs. I prefer to see them in underwear like briefs, bikinis, and other kinds of cotton panties. I don’t like how silk underwear looks, it’s too old fashion for me. Mesh and see through underwear is kind of pointless.

Romantic spooning is another thing that also seems like something that makes me go red. I think just getting close to the opposite sex in a physical sense is intense for me. Being able to feel their skin against my own, their warmth, and their body against me. It’s not something I’ve often experienced if not at all. But I just desire the feeling of being held by someone who I can feel a strong attraction and love towards. Spooning is sort of like that but in a more lewd position lying down. It’s like sex without the somewhat dirty aspects of penetration or intercourse.

As you can probably tell, my fetishes have more to do with appearances and interactions then they actually have to do with the act of sex itself. In my point of view, sex isn’t just something that should be done for fun like all these normal people go about doing in society. Sex is something you have to save for the one you really really love, and I think that’s what makes something like sex really special in my mindset. But you can’t forget about the romantic build up to it which I think is underappreciated by society and porn itself. It’s one of the reason’s why I just don’t like porn to begin with since it doesn’t capture that essence of that part of romance (and on top of not wanting to see girls getting fucked by other guys). I guess lesbian stuff can be kind of hot too but again, I would rather experience that kind of love myself than see someone else get it first. Call me a weirdo and a degenerate. I don’t care. There are people out there (including many normalfags) with dirtier and more perverted fetishes than I have.

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