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Recommendations and Other Unrelated (But Cool) Shit

Just some things I like.

Recommended and Helpful Tech Websites

Neocities: Make a site like this very one. It's not the hardest thing in the world to do.

Install Gentoo Wiki: For General Tech Information

Spyware Watchdog: Learn about software that respects and disrespects your privacy

Dig Deeper: Another good site to learn about internet privacy.

Desu Archive: RIP Wakarimasen. This is close enough but not as good.

Misc Sites

Tarantula Collective Resources: Check out some of the listed sites here if you want to adopt a Tarantula, invert, or reptile, like me. Includes links for other countries as well.

Zophar's Domain: Vidya Music you can download. There's also some emulation stuff here too.

CD Romance: Roms Roms Roms from NA, EU, and JP. There are also some Rom Hacks and Fan translations here too.

flamingtext: The site I use to make my fancy titles.

Recommended Youtube Channels 2022 Edition

For all the shit I give to Youtube as a tech giant, it's still the place to see video content from other users. Provided you avoid larger and corporate channels. I have a variety of interests and these recommendations reflect the kind of videos I enjoy. Keep in mind these lists aren't final as I will continue to add more channels if I find anything worth mentioning. I'll try to stick to lesser known channels as best as I can.


DWTerminator: Video Game Reviewer that has been around for a long time. Very objective and is not afraid to state his opinions on specific games.

GlennPlantN64: Nintendo 64 specific reviewer. He is pretty much on a goal to cover all of the games on the Nintendo 64. Honestly a great and somewhat overlooked channel.

SNESdrunk: Reviewer who covers the 16 bit era of video games. Primarily SNES titles though occasionally other console titles from later eras and the occasional indie game.

Zhakaron: Elder Scrolls Enthusiast with with great insights in regards to some of the best and worst the series has to offer. His guides and mod tutorials are some of the best out there for Elder Scrolls content.

Salokin: A small channel that covers a couple of games that aren't really well known but are worth checking out. His preference is more on military themed vidya.

Reviews2Go: A Nintendo Switch specialized reviewer that covers plenty of popular and unknown games released on the switch. Occasionally covers other portable consoles/PCs.

YesterYearsMacGames: Vintage Mac Gaming. Not a Mac person myself but it is cool to see some games that were released for Apple operating systems.

MJ-12 Media: Elder Scrolls Machinima with emphasis on humorous skits. Most of these videos harken back to the old style of comedy you would find on early youtube despite being made recently.

Game Quitters: Testimonies and reflections regarding the act of quitting gaming. Recommended to those who want to drop gaming as a hobby.

Saurian Target: The go to channel when it comes to the Carnivores series of games, both old and new.

TheF2PMaster: Inactive but was one of the channels I used to watch back in the day. Reviews old and dated Free to Play and/or FOSS (Free and Open Source) Pc Games. Like I mentioned, he's no longer active so I watch just for memories.

Airforceproud95: Flight Simulator and ATC multiplayer troll channel. Probably the most popular channel I added to this list.


StopDropRetro: Entertaining Channel that covers kickstarter scams, bizzare knock off gaming devices and other cool and wierd shit. Highly Recommended this channel.

vwestlife: Tech channel that covers stuff you would usually find a thrift store. Primarily audio related topics like vinyl, cassette, tapes, and radios.

Techmoan: Another Tech channel that covers audio tech. There's alot of stuff regarding obscure media formats too.

Druaga1: Dude, Tech, Lmao

SebisRandomTech: Thinkpad galore channel. Probably one of the least cancerous Thinkpad youtubers out there.

LaptopRetrospective: Another great Thinkpad youtuber. More generalized towards reviewing old laptops (besides thinkpads) that could (in theory) still be viable to use at the time of his reviews.

Mental Outlaw: Luke Smith but less cringe. Talks about /g/ related subjects like GNU/Linux, alternative operating systems, spyware, malware, and other kinds of software.

Taki Udon: Reviews cheap emulation devices, mini portable computers, and other kinds of mini pcs in general.

My Old Car: Very comfy documentaries about the commerical history of retro cars from the not too distant past.

Terrible Person: Youtube Poops about Techmoan and 8-Bit Guy (Some very promiment Youtube Tech Boomers that are also worth a watch). Pretty funny stuff.

Rex's Hanger: Comfy Documentary style videos covering the history and technical aspects of historical aircraft.


Seycara: Independent composer who makes music that would perfectly suit an anime or Ghilbli film. He's very talented and some of his original works are full of emotion and charm.

GoodmanFeels: Anime Feels, Vaporwave/Future Funk music, and the occasional meme all put into some sort of emotional visual audio experiencee that will make you feel things. You're mileage may vary.

NahreSol: Music theory and concepts from the classical genres of music but explained in a way that isn't going to intimidate you with extreme details. A great channel if you are interested in the styles of music offered by classical composers.

muta-sax: Anime covers but with a Saxophone. Good stuff.

8-bit Music Theory: Music theory, concepts, and ideas but for gamers. Learn about the concepts and ideas behind various video game tracks.

NomadHopeNightcoreFolk: Folk Music but it's nightcore

Syahrul Ramadan: Nightcore music from Asia and the Middle East

MartyMcflies v2: Uploads rare anime and japanese vinyl rips. Used to be a regular on the sharethreads on /mu/.

Tobikomi: Chiptune and various forms of retro video game music, remixes, and covers.

MrRantingRandy: Small Channel. Covers various Japanese topics but mainly City Pop music and J-pop.

Arbnis: Nightcore Music Channel, Mostly miltary and international music. Uploads every Sunday.

Teura: Finnish Youtuber who uploads strange international music from Christian Hymes, Nationalist songs, folk music, and even Islamic Nasheeds (Nasneeds) from countries where you would not expect them to even have in the first place.

cyb3rtaยงh ๐Ÿ’™ ๐•ธ๐•บ๐•บ๐•น : Musician like me. Very experimental but cool.

Farya Faraji : Musician from Quebec that does songs based off historical cultures from Europe, The Middle East, and sometimes Asia. Also does vlogs about musical concepts from historical and cultural perspectives.

GST Channel VEVO: Retro Video Game music and artist highlights from some of the most well known musical composers from the golden age of gaming. An Absolutely wonderful channel IMO.

Logax 52: Video Game music with different kinds of soundfonts from realistic to synths.


FocusTripp: GarandThumb but for poorfags. Covers budget AR-15s and tatical gear that won't break your budget.

capandball: Hungarian Youtuber who talks about the history and operatoin of various black powder rifles and handguns of the past. Not often you see European gun channels out there.

c90adventures: This guy goes to various locations across the globe on his Honda C90 motorbike.

Bald and Bankrupt: Travel YT Channel. Pretty entertaining. I have a soft spot for these sort of channels.

HuntPrimative: Technology and gunpowder were a mistake. This guy is gonna teach you everything you need to know to craft some high quality primative weapons and tools that you can actually hunt with.

The Blind Sniper: Small Youtube Channel that covers firearms. You won't find guchi firearms here. Mainly budget gats.

RenoMay: Californian Gun owner who talks about gun laws and Firearms in general.

Gun Thots: Gun "Review" Channel where they goof around and act retarded.

TomMoran: One of the most well known and knowledgable Tarantula youtubers out there. Covers basic tarantula husbandry and species specifics for tarantula keepers.

Tarantula Collective: Another popular Tarantula Youtuber but places empahsis on production value and cinematic shots of Tarantulas. Shares some basic knowledge on species husbandry too.

Booligan Shooting Sports: DIY firearm mods and projects (mainly involving 3D-Printing)

MakeItPrimitive: DIY primitive crafting.

CountryTactical: Outdoor exploration, historical retrospectives, and some airsoft content. The Walmart/Amazon historical uniform challenges are a highlight.

WickensWickedReptiles: Reptile focused channel regarding husbandry and care for reptile pets.

MyWildBackyard: Outdoor nature and wildlife channel. Pretty comfy and educational

Dave's Little Beasties: Old English man who's well versed when it comes to invert husbandry as well as setting up bio-active inclosures for creatures such as Spiders, Tarantulas, Centiepedes, roaches, etc. This guy can rehouse some of the most quickest and defensive inverts like it's nothing. He's a legend.

TexasSurplusPro: As outdoor as you can get with a Youtube Channel featuring gun reviews, survival gear reviews, and some politics here and there.

Tomas Shahan: Photography Channel with a focus on Jumping Spiders.

DropForgedSurvival: Survival channel with emphasis on testing different kinds of gear as well as doing survival challenges such as using gear from Walmart and such. Pretty cool considering he makes videos in my area too which is extremely relavent to my own survival game plan.

8mm Mauser Man: A small time but very good firearms youtube channel along the lines of The Blind Sniper. Focused on Military Surplus Firearms.

Bugs and Biology: Inverts focused channel from Australia. Centipedes are mainly his expertise and now I want one. Also covers and critiques those click bait videos revolving around inverts too.

LordMiles: Mad Lad. Part travel blog and part investigation journalism. This crazy mother fucker is going to places not even Journalists are willing to travel too. Really good shit.

Paul Harrell: Boomer who makes scientific and though tests of firearms, ammunitions, and self defense tactics. Unlike other guntubers out there, he actually killed people in his lifetime. His holiday specials are also very comfy. He has a dry sense of humor that I like too.


TheBigheadscientist: WE WUZ KANGZ N SHEEEIT

HydraulicBeanbag: 3D Animations

Pyongyang Broadcast Service: North Korean Live Streams

hidinginmyroom: Cunt. Basically Elliot Rodger if he actually had sex but still manages to fuck up his life. His channel is kind of dying tbh. If you like watching a living trainwreck, I suppose I can recommend this channel but otherwise, you're not missing out on much lately. All of the exciting stuff already ended.

MrDaggersIRL: Vlogs of a man who had been through it all. Mainly focuses on the subject of existential suffering.

GoodandBasic: Partially Outdoor related content mixed with some philosphy.

Direct Weather: It's a weather forcast channel. Uses various models to predict future patterns and temperatures for upcomming seasons and storms. Very informative.

Down the Line: Does these podcast like videos covering the history of life on Earth before the Dinsaurs. Not really active anymore but still a very comfy listen if anything else.

xopha: Small Paranormal Channel with a focus on Aliens

TheGoodStudentYT: Fellow Neocities user.

This is Dan Bell: Urban Exploration. Mainly dead malls, haunted, and sketchy locations.

Going Obscure: Paranormal and Internet Mythology analysis channel.

Bob Samurai: One of the few Anime Youtubers that I subscribe to. Anime Reviews and some personal vlogging.

Rekieta Law: A lawyer who discusses current legal topics as well as Internet Drama involving the law.

DarranKern: Rants about politics and social retardation.

AZFK: Uncanny Valley, Paranormal, and Horror subject videos.

Thomas Wong: Once an /r9k/ meme about being sent to your grandparents in Guangzhou, he is still alive, moved past the Incel state in his 30s, and makes V-logs about his struggles in life.

Amerikaner: Shitpost level dubs

Colaws: See Above (Shitposts)

Reading in Solitude: Reads anime fanfiction. Not really active but worth looking into if you want to listen to some anime fanfiction stories.

cyraxandflyraxx: A very old Youtube channel that's no longer active. It's a conspiracy channel with edgy visuals and sounds, creators that threaten reposters with the death penalty, and all kinds of crazy photoshopped images. The sparatic jumpscares, MLG text to speech voice, and 2edgy4you style makes me laugh more than anything and that's why I really love this channel. It was a pain in the ass to find it again.

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