Terms of Service

What terms are enforced here?:

There is no terms of service on this website. All guests to this website are free to copy and use the html and css design (as bad as it may be) to create their own websites inspired by this website. It is not necessarily to even give credit to me for inspiring your own website design. This also applies to all content created on this website including my own music which is free to use, modify, remix, redo, or whatever your heart desires. All of my music is free to download anyways. As for the music covers that I do, that lies more with the original creator of those songs than it does with myself. There is no pay wallfor anything on this website or other websites also runned by myself. The internet should be free and open and as such my website is free to use. I do not accept donations because I work on my websites and music as of a labor of love. Not profit.

What is the morality of this website?:

The Incel Perspective website is best described by the title itself. An incel by the basic definition is someone who strives for a romantic relationship but is unable to obtain one for various reasons. Although it generally applies to people who are generally upset about being sexually absent, that's mostly not the case with my experience as an incel. Regardless of the whole incel thing, this website provides a personal viewpoint for people who may or may not share the same opinions or experiences as someone who falls into this category by definitiion. I do present a lot of rage in some of my blog entries but I do not condone violence of any sort. I am a pacificst by nature and prefer diplomacy to violence. So if anyone deciedes to do something with violence in the name of my personal beliefs, I absolutely do not condone it. This website, despite all of the physical and mental hardships I describe in my personal accounts, is all in the name of good fun and should not be taken seriously. I write all this stuff because it's a nice vent and more importantly, it's fun. I'm not responsible for radicalizing anyone who reads my site. There is really no agenda to this website other than to just give my life story, experiences, and personal interests some publicity. IE Just be yourself lmao. You're also free to call out my bad takes and so forth. That's what the internet is for after all although I must admit I'm not great at debating.

What else will I find here:

There are guides and blogs about various kind of hobbies and interests that I myself like to participate in (sometimes unrelated to my personal stories) but I am by no means an expert on any of the subjects I talk about so I would not take everything written on this website as an absolute truth. Lurk more from other sources, research more on informative websites, and make your own conclusions. Although I will occasionally dabble into various political topics, there is no politcal agenda with this website. I don't promote any kind of political action other than to think for yourself and take care of yourself.

Explicit content:

Because I'm protraying my most authentic feelings on this webiste, you'll find all sorts of swearing, slurs, and so forth in my writings. I do not and will not self censor myself when it comes to specific topics that can often seem controversial although I am rather uncomfortable talking about sexual stuff so it's mostly safe to say you won't have to worry about your boss seeing lewd stuff on this website if you are browsing at work. I guess that kind of makes this site sfw apart from the written content though you will have to explain to your boss why there are anime girls in a dark background website!

The take-away:

tldr; Just enjoy yourself here. Feel angry at or with me. Laugh at or with me. Feel intrigued at or with me. I'm not a mentor or anything like that. At the end of the day, I'm just a human being (sort of kek) just like you. Feel free to use the html, css, and self-composed music on this website to inspire your own personal projects.

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