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Artifical Academy 2: (2022 REDUX)

Yo! The game (ie latest torrent and build of AA2) finally works (On Winblows 10, still need to test with wine on Linux)! Finally. And it's mostly stable too as long as you bump that cache limit thing in the menu launcher thing if you deciede to use some mods (and you should!). Anyways now I can finally properly review this game after all these years.

So Artifical Academy 2 is a hentai porn game. Yeah yeah I know, it's depraved but it's actually more than that. In terms of gameplay, it blows Koikatsu out of the water with actual ai and interactions. Basically, you get to set up this school and use whatever characters you want to enroll from characters from your favorite anime to characters you created on your own. It's not just about fucking either. You have rankings based on your skills in academics, physical class, and your extras club which is supposed to boost your stats in certain activities such as doing better in academics, karoake, fighting other classmates and so forth. You see, unlike in Koikatsu, your classmates can be either male or female and you can either befriend them, become their lovers, become mortal enemies, bully them, or just ignore them lmao. It's basically a Japanese School simulator and it's alot of fun (besides the sex stuff of course). Each classmate you add to your rooster can be modified to have their own specific personalities and skills. Some of the included mods add some more gameplay variety such as fantasy race classes, playable character perks, and even the ability to outright murder other classmates. Though the character editor itself is nowhere near as detailed as Koikatsu, it's entirely possible with a little bit of skill and know-how to recreate your favorite anime girl, waifu, or character if you tried (though it probably won't be 100% perfect).

The game can get a little unstable and is prone to crashing which is why I recommend bumping up that cache limit to 1000mb in the menu launcher which seems to completely remove the game crashing all together. Graphically, the game isn't very demanding so you can play it on your Thinkpad with resonable graphical compromises. You can even add your own mp3 files and modifiy the in-game soundtrack fairly easily to suit whatever roleplay experience you are going for.

Yeah, I said it. I'm calling this porn game a roleplaying game. Honestly, the best games in my opinion are the ones that give you the ability to create your own kind of experiences and stories without some forced story mode like most games these days. Even games that claim to be role playing have limitations and stupid cinematic garbage that you're forced into or some chosen one plot that completely ruins the immersion of role playing all together. It's games like AA2 and Daggerfall that really scratch that itch for escapism and immersion that I wish more games had these days. If you ever get board of having a self-insert harem in AA2, you can play as other roles to make some interesting gameplay and story instances such as playing as a bully character, playing as an otaku loser who can't hit it with girls, or even playing as thot patrol by going around making sure other classmates aren't having sex and convincing them with fighting that they should stop screwing around. The possibilities are endless. Especially with the included and addtional mods you can get for this game. You can find the latest torrent in the /vg/ thread for Artifical Academy alongside some links to some mods, downloadable character cards, and so forth.

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