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Koikatsu (JP version)

Coomkatsu. It's a shitty school sim where you try to befriend girls in an all girl school, and then try to fuck them after getting close with them. It's really shallow compared to other hentai games like Artifical Academy 2. The sex scenes, while nice and fully 3D, are rather limited in what you can do. There's also a VR mode but I cannot afford a VR rig or set atm. VR makes me sick anyways. That's not why most people play Koikatsu however.

The game probably has the best character creator for any Japanese game imo. You can pretty much make any anime girl that you like (provided you know what you are doing and have the right mods and all). You can even pose your characters and take photoshoots and stuff. I like to create my own anime girls (most of whom are based off creations I have done in AA2), the extra tools bring these characters to life more than the rather limited and clumsy editor in AA2. If only there was a proper game that would actually utilize these characters in some sort of school sim like in AA2. Can't win them all I suppose. I still recommend it because using the character creator is fun.

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