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Rise of Flight

You can basically take everything I said in my Red Baron 3D review and apply it here with the exception that Rise of Flight is more proprietary with online connectivity, payware content, and better graphics. Actually, the visuals are some of the nicest I’ve seen (and can run on my pc lmao). But yeah, it does have paid content (you have to buy planes in order to access some of the missions and pilot campaigns) but you are given three solid planes that are very good in their own right. Aside from bombers, you pretty much will have something to work with your kind of dogfight style from boom and zoom attacks, to maneuverability focused scouts, or something with a mix of both with a decent robust air frame.

Rise of Flight also takes the realism aspect to a whole other level beyond what Red Baron 3D is capable of. All of the cockpits have amazing and historically accurate detail and with the right setup (A joystick is a must and rudder pedals, throttle controls, etc will enhance your experience) you really do feel like you’re flying a World War 1 combat plane (not that I personally know what that feels like). Let me put it this way, you can feel the weight of the plane as you pull on the throttle and the in game audio is really well done to the point where you can hear your airplane creak from sharp turns or the sounds of bullets ripping through your canvas air frame. World War 1 air combat is serious business. Assuming you don’t die on the runway, you can easily get destroyed by pilots who know how to control their aircraft and plan everything one step ahead of you.

Put it this way, if you don’t mind the paywal aspect of this game, this is probably one of the better World War 1 flight sims out there. Just like with Red Baron 3D, I don’t recommend jumping into this game if you are unfamiliar with flight mechanics though this game has a tutorial unlike Red Baron 3D so it’s entirely possible that some newbie can learn the basics and start dogfighting. Either way, the base game is free and will let you dip your feet into WW1 dogfighting with some decent planes like the Albetros D.Va (easy to control scout), Nieuport 17 C1 RUS (feather-lite with godly maneuverability to such an extent, you can make your aircraft "dance" but you only have one machinegun and the airframe is pretty weak.), and the SPAD 13.C1 (Robust boom and zoom scout and one of the fastest free aircraft available). You can guess my favorite out of the three by looking at the review image I provided. Try to guess which one it is. Oh and there's multiplayer too but I don't really play multiplayer games to begin with.

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