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VR Gaming is Shit and is Not the Future of Gaming

When people think of virtual reality, they think of virtual worlds in which you are completely taken out of reality and put into an artificial one that almost feels as real as the real thing. VR as most call it, is theoretical way of escapism from the real world by immersing yourself into something that you normally won't see everyday: such as having sex with your waifu. Sounds like science fiction right? Well guess what? It's still science fiction!

The reality of VR tech at the moment is still beyond clunky and uncomfortable for most people. You have to wear this gay cyberpunk looking ass headset that puts weight and mass on your head with all of these wires connected to your Desktop PC (or if you are lucky and rich, a wireless headset that hopefully has decent latency) and two gay joycons on both hands. If you really think about it, this whole VR meme is just another reincarnation of the motion control meme. The fact of the matter is that motion controls simply aren't viable for most games. Even when they seem like they would make sense, they are finicky at best. Did I also mention the rigs required to get VR working is beyond expensive.

I am personally too poor for a VR setup which is probably why I am salty. However, I do have some VR experience all the way back in the fucking 90s with that red binoculars shit that had that film roll thing you put in it with scenes from movies like Toy Story or documentaries like Walking with Dinosaurs. But if we are talking about simulated reality, I have also messed with Google Cardboard since it was cheap to mess with and well to make a long story short, it made me sick. You had to put your phone in this cardboard headset that would collect your sweat stains as you fumbled around moving your head all over the place with a phone and two lenses right in front of your face. Nevermind the fact you had to improvise your own head strap since they normally don't come with one. Once you got all that settled, you soon realize that the VR is nothing more than a gimmick. I even tried to justify it as a means to watch porn privately back when I was in college living in a dorm but it's not even good for that. You could achieve the same effect by throwing a blanket over your face and putting your smartphone up close to your eyes and you probably wouldn't even know the difference. It also doesn't help that I get motion sickness from trying VR.

Don't even get me started on the kind of people who use VR. Ever heard of VR Chat? It's home to some of the most degenerate and depraved human beings on the planet. They are the kind of people who make tech toys and their interest a major point of their personality. It's like the whole community is one big deviant art furry convention with nonstop virtual sex/masturbation/grooming.

VR, especially in gaming, is a fad. An ugly fad with all dreams and no execution; just like 3D movies and TVs were in the mid-late 2000s. The technology just isn't there and what we have is something that early (and desperate) adopters are suffering for while pretending to claim the experience is better than it actually is.

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