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Vintage Story

It's kind of based off Minecraft (an old mod called Vintage Craft) but it has a lot more depth than vanilla Minecraft and its more recent updates. Vintage Story has a focus on survival and realism that is completely absent in the newer updates of Minecraft. You start off from the stone-age, creating simple stone tools, hunting and gathering, making simple baskets and fire-pits, and work your way up technologically by acquiring metals and materials to help you survive throughout the seasons (with winter being the most harsh season to survive).

The game has a similar aesthetic to vanilla Minecraft but with a nice theme and some extra effects to really separate itself from similar games. There isn't a lot of mob varieties compared to Minecraft but this is rather refreshing as many of the game you hunt can attack you if you attack them and some will attack you on sight. The crafting system itself is also very in-depth. Most stuff you create such as flint tools, metal tools, clay pots, etc all have their own little mechanics such as putting together pottery bit by bit, or forging your tools with ingots and anvils. Despite the very hardcore nature of the game, it can be a very relaxing and comfy game once you have some food stockpiled and preserved, a decent shelter, and a reliable food source.

The game is still in early access and is getting updates regularly so there is always new content on the horizon. I'd say it's one of the best games I have played of 2020, though I haven't played a lot of new games over the course of the year so take that with a grain of salt. I still really enjoy playing this game and still have a lot to do in my singleplayer world. Multiplayer is also really good too. It has a server list which makes it easy to jump into a server, something that isn't even available in vanilla Minecraft. And all for about $20. It's quite a lot of value for your money. If you aren't pleased with the gameplay additions that Minecraft has been putting out lately, or if you are seeking an alternative voxel game to add to your library of games, I would highly recommend Vintage Story. It's a really great game.

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